Antifa Opens Fire on Crowd of People


A war of Godlike proportions was brewing in Olympia, Washington. The police there have confirmed by releasing a surveillance video that an Antifa soldier opened fire on a crowd of people. That’s the shooting where Proud Boys leader Tiny Toese was hit in the ankle. To distance themselves from the shooting, local radical groups tried to say Toese shot himself by accident. They can’t spread that fertilizer around now.

Police confront Antifa

Olympia Washington’s version of the September 18 “Justice for J6” rally is expected to be much more interesting to watch than the one in Washington, D.C. because that’s where the real action is expected to be. Police have stood up for the Proud Boys enough to confirm that an Antifa associated anarchist did shoot at them. They claim to be looking for a suspect too.

The day that happened, they had been ordered to stand down by liberal city officials so they let the two groups battle it out while trying to keep collateral damage to a minimum. That policy took a lot of heat after the shooting.

Everybody on both sides is expecting a rematch between Proud Boys and Antifa at the upcoming September 18 rally on Saturday. Police are singing a different tune this time. Their liberal leaders took so much heat over the hands off approach they’ve been taking, that they decided to allow the cops to actually do their job for a change.

The thing everyone is tensely anxious over is how effective they will be when they get back on the job. Both groups are expected to test the boundaries and Olympia PD can’t be everywhere at once.

Police are absolutely certain that the radicals escalated the use of force to firearms at approximately 3 p.m. on September 4 at the downtown bus station on State Avenue.

The job of Police Chief in Olympia isn’t real popular so Aaron Jelcick is their “interim” chief this week. He verified that the Proud Boys and Antifa “convened in Downtown Olympia intent on engaging in conflict with one another.” That’s exactly what happened.


Chase them out of town

Olympia Police Department released “surveillance footage that showed a group of Proud Boys following a mob of black-bloc-clad Antifa into the Intercity Transit Station.”

They chased them to their trains at top speed. As the rest ran off, two at the back of the herd do what looks suspiciously like a hand-off then the receiver fades to the side, turns and fires. He fled the scene and nobody has a clue who he is.

“We can confirm that the shots were fired by someone from the Antifa group, and the bullet struck a member of the Proud Boys,” Jelcick declared. Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, of Portland, Oregon was sent to the hospital and is doing just fine.

“Our investigators are tracking leads on them,” Chief Jelcick said. “Once identified, we will arrest and charge them for this crime.” Getting them prosecuted is a whole different story.

According to Chief Jelcick, “the Proud Boys have vowed to return to Olympia on Sept. 18 in response to the Sept. 4. shooting.” He would rather they reconsider their strategy. “We have a simple message to anyone considering coming to Olympia to respond to the shooting, to anyone making preparation to fight or to anyone who is willing to take part in violence on our streets: Do not come to our city. If you are already in our city, stay home.”

Antifa was only emboldened when he noted “to our residents, please know the Olympia Police Department will do all it can to protect the peace and safety of the Olympia community.” All “it can,” isn’t much.


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