Antifa Militant Criminally Charged, Past Ties to MS-13 Gang Revealed


Antifa militant Christina V. Devitt faces charges in Seattle, Washington, for attacking a police station. The 34-year-old also turns out to have MS-13 connections. Liberals wonder why conservatives want to shut the border down.

Antifa rebel’s MS-13 history

Every day, more and more evidence is piling up that “rule of law” is a thing of the past, making Black Lives Matter™ brand anarchy the fad of the future.

In case you had any doubt that the same open borders globalists who brought you “amnesty” and “sanctuary” held the door open for cold blooded gang killers, self-proclaimed Antifa “journalist” Christina Devitt was “at the home of MS-13’s Joel Soto-Rodriguez” when “he and two other gang members, Freddie Dominguez and Rojel Perez-Mejia” decided to “take care of a dispute with a rival gang” through a hail of bullets.

Crime has been decriminalized almost completely in Seattle, Washington. Ms. Devitt entered a plea of not guilty on Monday, January 3, but that’s only a formality for anyone registered with Antifa. Prosecutors don’t prosecute those privileged citizens and penalties don’t exist for them.

She’s accused of causing “significant damage to Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct” in an exercise of her free speech.

Seattle police caused big headaches and lots of annoying paperwork for city workers by arresting the Antifa anarchist on May 7, 2021. All she did was roll “a large dumpster into the garage doors of the East Precinct during a violent demonstration.”

That’s hardly worth the ink to fill the forms out. So what if “Devitt’s actions allegedly inhibited officers abilities to effectively respond to emergency calls, directly impacting members of the community in critical situations?” Only Black lives matter.

A few blocks of their own

The police weren’t happy with her but there isn’t a lot that can be done. The cops were as bent out of shape as their garage door. The “impact caused significant damage, and disabled the door to the garage, which is used by emergency vehicles responding to 911 calls.”

They had to evacuate and abandon the whole station to Antifa “during the time of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” The city was nice enough to hand the anarchists a few square blocks to call their own.

The subject will probably come up in court but the liberal judge is expected to toss it out as prejudicial. No jury is likely to hear that she “has a past history of being intertwined with criminal groups, including violent street gangs.”


In 2003, the Antifa activist starred in “a murder trial involving the MS-13 gang, one of the world’s most brutal street gangs internationally known for their violent murders.”

A few close friends of hers shot it out with a rival gang. They all admitted everything, pleaded guilty, and were convicted on reduced charges.

Since then, Devitt went on to become a “prominent member of Seattle Antifa and is known for live-streaming demonstrations and engaging in acts of violence.” She likes to brag on instagram that “she is a seasoned veteran when it comes to run-ins with the law.”


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