Another BLOW to Durham…He’s LOST


Special Prosecutor John Durham may have lost his case against Igor Danchenko but he proved to America that Democrats can literally do no wrong. Merrick Garland really does run this country. Anything that the Federal Bureau of Instigation does is totally legal, always.

Durham did prove something

The verdict in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia,” left-leaning Washington Post writes, “is another blow for special counsel John Durham, who has now lost both cases that have gone to trial as part of his nearly 3-and-a-half-year investigation.

The jury just proclaimed that paid informants can lie to the FBI about anything they want as long as they add the words, “I think.” The bureau and Just Us Department can go ahead and use those lies to wiretap their enemies and frame political opponents with a free conscience.

It’s not the bureau’s fault, Durham established, because they were lied to. It’s not the liar’s fault either, because he told them he might be lying.

How convenient for everyone from Hillary Clinton to Hunter Biden. How disappointing for those tapped and framed like Carter Page and Donald Trump. At least, now the American public knows where we stand.

Things are looking pretty grim for special counsel Durham, who “is sure to face renewed pressure to wrap up his work following the verdict.

America can see there’s no sense in beating this dead horse. Just let Gestapo General Garland do as he pleases, because the fix is already in and he’s going to win anyway.

The crime of the century

Everyone on the conservative side of the aisle was convinced that John Durham would expose “the crime of the century” inside “the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies that investigated” the Donald Trump campaign’s “links to Russia.” He did.

All of what he uncovered turns out not be a crime, because the FBI is allowed to do anything they want, anytime, to anyone. Opposing them is insurrection or sedition and grounds for prosecution. Those prosecutions do result in convictions. That way they can scare everyone else away from attempting to stand up.

Just Us Department lawyer Kevin Clinesmith was the only Durham conviction. He came out and admitted that he intentionally forged an email in order to trick the FISA Court into allowing the FBI to wiretap Carter Page to get to Donald Trump. He got off with a year probation for that. Nobody has gone to jail. It only took 9 hours for the unanimous jury to let Danchenko skate.


It was open and shut that Danchenko warned them he might be lying so they can’t convict him for it. He was really telling the truth. That just relieved the FBI from ever having to justify the credibility of anything they rely on which comes from their paid stable of rats. “He’s some cash, lie to me baby. Tell me what I want to hear. Just make sure to say ‘you aren’t sure.’ Then, we’re golden.

When Richard Grenell, who is about the closest thing America ever had to a 007 agent, heard about the news, the former acting director of national intelligence in the Trump administration tweeted that this kangaroo court verdict “doesn’t clear up” the “outlandish claims” in the Steele dossier.

This trial, the Washington Post declares, “could be Durham’s last. A grand jury that the special counsel had been using in Alexandria is now inactive.” Durham has another one in D.C. which may still be running but nobody has much hope after seeing the outcomes he obtained so far.


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