After Questioning Dem Dictators, These Officials Now Facing Big Trouble


Anyone who dares mention election integrity is in deep trouble. Democrats aren’t wasting any time ushering in the brave new world order of authoritarianism, as a group of high powered attorneys just learned. It’s a chilling lesson. The rule of law, always relied on as solid and trustworthy, has become a shifting pit of quicksand ready to trap anyone unwary enough to question the new regime.

We’re all in trouble

Conservatives are horrified at the chilling rhetoric coming out of Michigan because if Democrats get their way on this one it means we’re all in trouble.

Gretchen Whitmer, who serves as Governor of Michigan, and her cronies are seeking the disbarment of four lawyers who dared to question the state’s election results in court.

Whitmer, joined by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, all solid Democrats, are demanding the immediate disbarment of Michigan attorneys Greg Rohl, Scott Hagerstrom and Stefanie Junttila.

Their only ethical crime was filing a lawsuit as they were trained to do. The Michigan Democrats weren’t happy targeting their own domestic dissidents, they also attacked lawyer Sidney Powell, who has her bar ticket in Texas. Her Kraken was way off it’s leash and causing trouble, they declare.

Forgetting all about the way lawsuits are supposed to work, the Michigan officials are ready to crucify the lawyers for promoting claims which are unproven. They seem to forget that is exactly how lawsuits work. To Michigan, doing things properly is way too much trouble.

A lawsuit doesn’t have to prove the case, that’s what trials are for. The lawsuit only has to spell out the claims. Whether those claims are true or not is a question for the court or jury to determine. At least that’s how it used to work. Now Democrats rule through whim and a wave of the hand.

It started a riot

Forgetting about the waves of anarchy which burned across America all year long, the Michigan state officials decided to blame the lawyers for all the trouble at the Capitol Building on January 6, simply “through their involvement in litigation.”

They dared to file a suit which might “overturn President Biden’s victory in the state.” It’s a darn good thing the Court wasn’t patriotic enough to hear it. Not only is justice blind, it’s deaf too. The court can’t hear the screams of a dying lady liberty.

According to that bastion of liberal ethics, the Detroit News, “the four used their law license in an attempt to disenfranchise Michigan voters and undermine the faith of the public in the legitimacy of the recent presidential election.”

They illegally started trouble with their words. It “lent credence to untruths that led to violence and unrest” at the Capitol. “What is truth” asked Pontius Pilate and washed his hands.

The truth is what Democrats say it is and anyone thinking otherwise is asking for trouble. “The 2020 general election was the most secure in our nation’s history, and these lawyers abused their authority by filing meritless, frivolous lawsuits for the sole purpose of undermining public faith in the election.”

There you have it Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson declares. Drink the Kool-Aid or we shoot. “They must be held accountable for this unprecedented attack on our democracy and prevented from replicating such harm in the future.”


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