A Fixed Post of Uniformed Officers at the Intersection


It seems the only way to give Chicago residents and commuters any peace of mind, at all, is to post heavily armed officers. They’re being ordered to bunker in the block which drug gangs prefer to use for their regularly scheduled turf wars. The 800-block of North State Street is today’s version of the OK Corral. The windy city’s windblown Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, promises to actually crack down on criminals. We’ll see what happens.

Officers stationed in the street

When Lori Lightfoot crawled out of her wife’s bed Friday morning and turned on the news, she instantly tapped out a statement calling the open gang warfare an “outrageous act of violence.

She even has a plan to deal with it for a change, she insists. “First, I have asked Superintendent Brown to install a fixed post of uniformed officers at the intersection of State and Chicago and a separate fixed post in the Red Line station in the same area.

Chicago celebrated their 207th mass shooting since the start of the year on Thursday night. The press uses the phrase “mass shooting” to replace “turf war,” which is what it really was.

Two people were killed at the local McDonald’s, just after 10:40 p.m., on May 19. Having some police officers around might have prevented that. Too bad they were defunded out of existence.

The fight continued to rage around heroic paramedics, as they began treating victims in the street.

Without any officers of the law to protect them, they managed to load two men in an ambulance, who died as a result of their injuries, either on their way to the hospital or shortly after arrival. Eight wounded were also transported with unknown conditions.

Visible patrols

Rethinking her previous anti-police strategies, Lightfoot didn’t bat a bugged out eye as she totally waffled on her principles. She’s biting the bullet and finally admitting that maybe they might need some officers around, after all.

After promising to listen to what the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection has to say about “any additional measures” that need to be taken, Lightfoot vows to do something guaranteed to enrage Antifa.

Lastly, I have asked the Chicago Police Department and CTA to continue to work together to help our CPD Public Transportation Section with visible patrols of stations, platforms, and trains 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

That ought to put a crimp in the Crips’ crack distribution network. Officers around is really bad for business. They may have to move to someone else’s block and that will start another turf war.

Even so, Lightfoot miraculously admits that “area residents, commuters, and others simply must have the peace of mind that this highly trafficked area is safe, and it is time for more specific, concrete steps to be taken to address this area once and for all.

Chicago PD reports that officers actually arrested one person in connection with last night’s shootout and they have his handgun.


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