40 People With Trump Ties Were Just Removed from Their Jobs


President Donald Trump spend four years working to dismantle the job killing, industry annihilating, incestuous, lobbyist-run regulatory homunculus known as the EPA. His administration worked hard to save the American public from the thousand limbed monstrosity birthed by decades of leftist environmentalism that sought to advance the cause of man-made climate change no matter how many lives and livelihoods it cost our people. He ordered that for every new regulation two would be eliminated and he presided over the most drastic And in less than 100 days, the Biden-Harris regime has breathed new life into the foul creature. Forty Trump appointees to the EPA were just removed from their jobs. Anyone with ties to the Trump administration is on the chopping block.

Nominated to Fight “Environmental Racism”

(Yup, apparently that’s a thing now.)

The Biden-Harris administration began this reversal by appointing Michael Regan to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. Congresswoman Alma Adams remarked when Regan was chosen due to his work fighting “environmental racism” which is evidently to blame for the Flint, MI water crisis. And here we all thought that was because of incompetent and negligent Democrat governance both in Flint and at the State level in Michigan.

“Michael Regan is a well-qualified, historic pick. In Washington, he helped both Democrats and Republicans address air quality issues. Here in the Tar Heel State, Michael was a leader on environmental justice issues, including the historic coal ash settlement with Duke Energy, Finally, we cannot address environmental justice without addressing environmental racism, so I am glad to have an HBCU graduate working to undo the environmental damage of the Trump Administration,”

Yes, the Democratic party has made protecting the environment….like everything else: a racial issue. In his career Regan has targeted Agricultural businesses as well as Coal companies.

Firing Forty Scientists with Trump Ties

Among Regan’s first orders of business was to fire forty science advisors with ties to the Trump administration as insultingly as possible.

Regan told the press in a statement according to politicsusa,

“Resetting these two scientific advisory committees will ensure the agency receives the best possible scientific insight to support our work to protect human health and the environment,” Regan said in a statement.

In a memo to his staff last week Regan said that the agency is reviewing and “policies impeding science”. He continued,

“When politics drives science rather than science informing policy,”

Regan wrote, “we are more likely to make policy choices that sacrifice the health of the most vulnerable among us.”

Contrary to Regan’s statements: Politics drive everything about what the Biden-Harris EPA has in mind: identity politics, the politics of victimhood and the politics of a socialist disdain for American industry and jobs.




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