Dems Caught in Their Own Sick Twisted Game, and Now the Public Knows the Truth

Dems Caught in Their Own Sick Twisted Game, and Now the Public Knows the Truth

The Democrats have been caught in yet another moment of hypocrisy, one that even the media couldn’t cover for.

The Filibuster is Racist?

In his first press conference since taking office, Joe Biden said he agreed with Barack Obama’s “newly adopted belief that the filibuster tactic is a ‘Jim Crow relic,'” according to reporting by the Washington Examiner.

In the same speech, Biden also complained about how often the filibuster is used, specifically claiming that it was “abused” last year.

The problem with these claims was quickly pointed out across social media. Fox News anchor John Roberts tweeted: “After @POTUS @JoeBiden denounced the rampant abuse of the filibuster last year, we did some digging. Republicans used it once. Democrats used it 327 times.”

The Democrats claim that the filibuster is somehow racist and directly connected to the Jim Crow Era.

The Lid reports: “This is a lie, of course. The filibuster goes back long before the Jim Crow south. Indeed, it goes all the way back to the Roman Senate! In the U.S., it existed since the beginning of the American Republic. While it certainly was at times used to stymie the advancement of civil rights, its origin and purpose have nothing directly tied to slavery, suffrage, Jim Crow, or civil rights.”

The left is once again attempting to manipulate history to suit their own needs, as they often do with ideas such as the “Party Switch” myth and the 1619 Project. But how can they possibly explain why they have been caught utilizing a racist process 327 times last year?

The real reason for the existence of the filibuster might explain things a bit better. The purpose of the filibuster was to prevent what James Madison referred to as “the tyranny of the majority.”

When Republicans are in power, Democrats use the filibuster to stall legislation, and vice versa.

Instead of telling the truth about that, Joe Biden was simply parroting what Barack Obama now claims to believe. Obama, like most Democrats, seems to forget that the internet preserves past statements. When he was in the Senate, Obama gave an impassioned speech defending the filibuster.

The Bottom Line

Conservatives already knew that the left was hypocritical, but this time they’ve been caught red handed. Despite the media’s attempts to cover for the Democrats, there is no denying that they are lying to suit their own needs. Hopefully, they won’t get away with it this time, and the American people will hold them accountable.


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