Shocking New Developments Uncovered!


Well, the lid may have just been blown off the COVID origins investigation.

A report is blowing up right now that a Wuhan virologist has come forward with key information.

If the reports are accurate, COVID may have been manufactured as a bioweapon.

Shock Discovery

Wuhan researcher Chao Shan recently came forward during an interview with Asian News International (ANI).

Shan is reportedly a senior researcher at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Shan told reporter Jennifer Zeng that the task of the lab was to identify a strain of the coronavirus that would be most useful to spread among various species, to include human beings.

The Leading Report stated, “He claimed that in 2019 his supervisor in Nanjing City gave him four coronavirus strains so he could determine which was the most potent and easily spreadable.

“Shan used the virus to test human ACE2 receptors, bats, and monkeys.”

Zeng posted this video on Twitter regarding the interview…

Of course, our own people reject this theory, but the leader of the effort to block the truth, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is now gone.

Perhaps now we can actually get to the truth!


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