Warren Buffett Bails Out


Hardcore Leftist Billionaire Warren Buffett who once bragged that his secretary paid more income taxes than he did, is bailing out of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Buffett sandwiched the announcement into a release that he is donating half of his Berkshire Hathaway shares about $4.1 billion worth to five foundations.

The so-called “Oracle of Omaha” worked to explain the departure from the far-left organization mired in its’ 2020 Election interference alongside Facebook and others and now tumultuous in uncertainty due to the divorce of the Gates’.

“For years I have been a trustee — an inactive trustee at that — of only one recipient of my funds, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMG). I am now resigning from that post, just as I have done at all corporate boards other than Berkshire’s,” Buffett said. “The CEO of BMG is Mark Suzman, an outstanding recent selection who has my full support. My goals are 100% in sync with those of the foundation, and my physical participation is in no way needed to achieve these goals.”

Suzman told the press that “Warren’s departure raises questions about the foundation’s governance.”

“As I have mentioned previously, I have been actively discussing with him, Bill, and Melinda approaches to strengthen our governance to provide long-term stability and sustainability for the foundation’s governance and decision-making in light of the recent announcement of Bill and Melinda’s divorce. I plan to share additional information in July,” he added.

Why Did Buffett Bail?

The New York Post reports that “Buffett’s departure leaves Bill and Melinda Gates the sole trustees of one of the most influential philanthropic organizations in the world, with a powerful endowment worth nearly $50 billion.”

Buffett’s departure leaving Bill and Melinda, the most powerful estranged couple on the planet in control of an organization that ostensibly “seeks to improve healthcare and reduce extreme poverty around the globe, while domestically working to expand educational opportunities and access to technology.” yet seems to find itself constantly pushing progressive-socialist programs is curious. As one of his last moves too, Buffett made sure some of those $4.1 Billion worth of Berkshire Hathaway shares…we don’t know how many exactly would go to them. With a $50 Billion bankroll, now about to increase thanks to Buffett, what did Bill, Melinda, and their man Suzman have planned that spooked the “Oracle of Omaha”?

It really makes you wonder. We just don’t know yet.


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