Vigilant Mom Shoots Burglar Dead While Protecting Her Family


A vigilant mom in Louisiana protected her family by shooting a burglar dead. The crime career of 51-year-old Robert Rheams ended with a blast in the early morning hours of January 8.

Mom of two blasts burglar

As New York Post reports, a “Louisiana mom shot a man dead after he broke into her house while she was home with her two young children Sunday.” It was clearly self-defense.

Robert Rheams picked the wrong house to rob when he invaded one particular castleon Klein Road in Tangipahoa Parish. He forced his way in “armed with a shovel and lug wrench.

According to Chief Jimmy Travis, Rheams and the lawfully armed mom “got into a physical scuffle after she found him inside her home. During the struggle, she fatally shot him around 5 a.m.” Rheams wasn’t a beginner.

He had recently been released on parole “after serving two decades in prison for armed robbery.” He won’t be doing any more time because he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Not only did the mom defend her two children and herself, she also closed a related case.

Investigators note that Rheams “was also the suspect in a carjacking hours before he broke into the family’s home.” That saves taxpayers the cost of two trials and supporting the criminal for another couple of decades.

No charges filed

The mom was relieved not to be arrested. Chief Travis explains she did nothing wrong and everything right. The woman was simply “exercising her Second Amendment rights to protect herself and her children from a violent home invasion.” Those are happening more and more often, all across America.

Police are never around when you need them so it’s a good idea for all eligible citizens to arm themselves and learn proper firearm safety. Good gun control means hitting what you aim at and not the neighbors.

Juvenile violence is so out of control in our Nation’s capitol that Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser “threw up her hands and warned local residents to stay vigilant.

Her constituents are left with only two options. Banding together in neighborhood watch groups to take the law into their own hands – or give up and duck bullets the best they can. Bowser tried everything she can think of but it isn’t working. She want’s D.C. residents to act more like the Louisiana mom.

Besides burglaries, carjackings are happening everywhere you turn. Bowser was upset over a local statistic which is echoed everywhere.

According to ANC Commissioner Denise Krepp, “carjackings in the MPD’s First District, where she lives, are up 550% in the past year.” That mom in Louisiana did her part on that issue too. She took out both a burglar and a carjacker with a single blast.


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