She Claims She’s Done All She Can, So Stay Vigilant


Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser threw up her hands and warned local residents to stay vigilant. Responsible district dwellers are left with the options of banding together in neighborhood watch groups – to take the law into their own hands – or give up and duck bullets the best they can. Bowser tried everything she can think of to stop juvenile violence but it isn’t working.

Stay vigilant in DC

Everyone in America, but especially in the District of Columbia, should be extra vigilant. Election day came and went with no results available because Democrats seem to be still stuffing ballot boxes. As of Wednesday, November 9, our nation’s capitol still has “a homicide rate that is much higher than it was during the two previous elections.

Most of the homicidal killers are kids who polish their skills on Xbox. Liberal policies and handcuffed police encouraged juvenile delinquents to run wild. Most of them are heavily armed.

D.C. police couldn’t do a thing to prevent 90 juveniles being shot by their friends, so far this year. Out of those, 14 were fatalities. “This compares to the 47 that were shot in all of 2021 with six being fatal.

Another alarming reason to stay vigilant at all times is the fact “armed juveniles are also carjacking residents more than ever before.” As in “416 so far in 2022, which is 20% higher than in 2021.” Don’t even think about buying a Kia.

When Mayor Muriel was asked how she plans to “get a handle on these problems,” she admitted she wishes she knew. “So you ask me what are we doing differently and here’s the truth. Wherever I have seen spikes in gun violence, throughout my tenure from ANC, to the council, to mayor We’ve literally thrown everything at the problem.

Meanwhile, they plan to “watch to see what works.” Vigilant mob “vigilante” justice used to work back in the days before police. Maybe it is time to try it again. Of course, a lot of folks got hung by mistake and out of spite but society was a whole lot more polite. People didn’t shoot each other over a parking space. What we have today is more like Antifa® style anarchy.


Carjacking up 550%

Vigilant district citizens are well aware that Bowser’s programs like “Violence Interrupters” and “Building Blocks” didn’t do a whole lot to head off crime. According to ANC Commissioner Denise Krepp, “carjackings in the MPD’s First District, where she lives, are up 550% in the past year.

She’s furious with the D.C. Council “for passing a crime bill that she thinks will make matters worse,” adding the Council “has held no hearings on the current crime epidemic.

It’s time for every American to arm themselves to the teeth and stay vigilant. Know your neighbors and communicate with them regularly. Pay attention to signs of crime and stomp it out before it gets a foothold. Key things to remember are call legitimate law enforcement FIRST and let them handle it. Only use lethal force defensively, and as a last resort.

Gunfire is never a proper preventive measure. Neither is coming out to chase the hood rats off your stoop with a Louisville slugger. That move is likely to get you capped in the attempt, anyway. You can club a burglar senseless as they crawl in your window, though. That means keep your bat handy. Also, if you carry one in your trunk, make your lawyer happy by throwing a ball and well worn glove in, too.

Last week Bowser said she doesn’t support the latest crime bill but voted for it anyway. It’s worth a shot because none of her ideas worked.

She’s mad because it won’t focus on the guns. Instead they want a crackdown on the lawless anarchists using them. The best answer is stay vigilant and do it yourself.


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