VIDEO: Popular Conservative CONFRONTS ANTIFA… Don’t Miss It!

Photo via Twitter Video Screenshot

Alex Stein loves to go where nobody else would dare.

This week, it was a trip to Denton, TX, to check out a transgender storytelling hour.

He got right in the face of armed ANTIFA guards, and it was truly a sight to see.

Here We Go Again

All of a sudden, Texas is becoming transgender-central.

Patchouli Joe’s Books & Indulgences store was the latest Texas business to host a transgender event that children were encouraged to attend.

This time, instead of Roanoke, TX, it was Denton.

The store touted the event, stating, “This FREE event takes place during National Transgender Awareness Week, and will be hosted by Patchouli Joe’s Books & Indulgences – a family-owned, LGBTQ-friendly, independent bookstore in the heart of Denton, Texas.”

The store said it would do a reading of three books about “gender identity, belonging, and friendship, and celebrate diversity, literacy, and community at this all-ages event!”

Once again, just as they had in Roanoke, armed ANTIFA guards stood outside the store, and Stein decided to have some fun with them…

The last time I saw Stein, he asked fairgoers if they thought the fair’s Big Tex mascot should be non-binary.

All this outrageousness has paid off, as he will be getting his own show on The Blaze come spring called, “Prime Time with Alex Stein.”


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