U.S Marshals Just Given THIS Order… Americans OUTRAGED

U.S. Marshals Service
Photo via DepositPhotos (Copyright: NiceIdeas)

What are these people thinking?

We are on pace to have more than two million illegal immigrant encounters this year.

There will likely be an additional 500,000 that slipped through the cracks, known as gotaways.

Yet, the U.S. Marshals Service will no longer hold illegal immigrants on detainer from ICE.

We Don’t Do That Now

The Washington Times broke the initial story.

A memo was put out advising Marshals of the pending change.

Some offices could not wait until the rule became official, so they are already ignoring ICE detainers.

At least one jurisdiction has already put the new rule in place.

Now, once the immigrants are processed, they are free to go and roam about the United States as free as a bird, even if there is a detainer.

Criminals, thugs, people without means… this is what Joe Biden is now openly allowing to roam our country.

You can read the original report in the Washington Times.


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