Trump Endorsed Candidate Spells Major Disaster for the Deep State, LOOK at What Just Happened


US Senate Candidate and Afghanistan War Veteran Sean Parnell, known for leading the legendary “Outlaw Platoon” has just earned his place in the history books for a completely different reason. Parnell, who until a few months ago was not widely known in political circles has exploded onto the scenes with the endorsement of President Trump and appearances on Tim Pool’s TimcastIRL adding to his notoriety, just shattered the campaign contribution ‘scoreboard’ by raising more funds through campaign contributions than all other Republican Primary candidates combined.

With Trump’s endorsement and his high profile, subsequent media blitz the Republican has effectively blown the doors off with $1,113,811.19 from donations in the third quarter, every other candidate bringing in just shy of $900k according to Breitbart.

The Washington Examiner reported,

“Parnell announced his bid for an open Pennsylvania Senate seat in May but vaulted to the top of the GOP field early last month after being endorsed by former President Donald Trump. That boost helped Parnell top more than $1 million raised from July 1 to Sept. 30. He received more than 16,000 contributions from 10,000-plus donors who gave an average of $60 each.”

Like Any 2022 GOP Candidate, He Doesn’t Have To Run Against His Opponent

They’re All Running Against Biden… And Winning



Sean Parnell has proven EXTREMELY popular on the campaign trail and his media appearances arent’ to be missed. Spending two hours of uninterrupted broadcast with Tim Pool, Peter Quinones, and Ian Crossland takes some courage for any conservative. While certainly no leftist, Pool is not what you would traditionally call conservative either, and his guest and crew reflect that. Contrast this with your run-of-the-mill Democrat who typically wouldn’t even think about being a guest on a show where their positions could conceivably be challenged. And he’s taking apart the Biden-Harris regime piece by piece.

In his endorsement, President Trump wrote,

“Sean bravely fought for our Country as a Captain in the U.S. Army and was awarded two Bronze Stars (one for valor!) and the Purple Heart. Unlike our current administration, he never left anyone behind. Sean is a great candidate, who got robbed in his congressional run in the Crime of the Century—the 2020 Presidential Election Scam. He will make Pennsylvania very proud and will fight for Election Integrity, Strong Borders, our Second Amendment, Energy Jobs, and so much more. Sean Parnell will always put America First. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

If Parnell’s ability to hold his ground with everyone from Pool to Sebastian Gorka, then he should be able to stand up in Congress every single day of his career.


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