Top Ron DeSantis Staffer Walks Out… She RESIGNED


I know what you are thinking…

How could someone bail on Ron DeSantis when he has the world in the palm of his hands right now?

More specifically, how could his Press Secretary, Christina Pushaw, walk away?

The answer is easy… she is taking off the gloves!

You Ready for This?

Pushaw posted a tweet with her resignation letter, only to announce that she was taking over as Ron DeSantis Rapid Response Director for his campaign…

Pushaw is vicious and aggressive, exactly what is needed for a Republican in office these days.

She is not quite to the level of former Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, but she is very good.

I follow her on social media and when people engage her, they go home crying.

Now she has the freedom to really hit hard, and I cannot wait!

We look forward to seeing you CRUSH the little blue people, Christina!


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