They’re ALL DEAD… This is Biden’s Fault

Dead Bodies
Photo via Deposit Photos

People are dying at the border… a lot of them.

In just one border county, there have already been 26 dead bodies found this year.

Shockingly, the mainstream media could care less.

They Just Don’t Care

Remember the story when a mother and child drowned in the Rio Grande when Trump was president?

Democrats were literally calling him a murderer.

Some of them even wanted to have Trump charged as an accomplice.

Well, far more bodies have dropped at the border with Biden in the White House, but the mainstream media is not reporting it.

In fact, almost 900 dead bodies were found last year near the border, which was about a 180-percent increase over the prior year.

One of the worst counties is Brooks County, with Sheriff Martinez stating, “Most of the time, that is all that is left. It doesn’t take long with the animals and the heat for a human body to decay.”

He continued, “These smugglers have no regard for the value of human life. Many migrants are not prepared for the strenuous conditions they face when trying to hike in this terrain.

“The soft sand on the ranches makes one mile feel like three.”

Think about that… before you read that number here, how many of you knew that almost 900 migrants died trying to cross the border illegally?

Why is this not being reported by the mainstream media?

Why are they so terrified to report the facts of the border?


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