The Roger Stone Bombshell the MSM Won’t Be Covering


Former campaign advisor to President Trump and generally controversial conservative legend Roger Stone has dropped a massive bombshell revelation about his role and the possible role of the U.S. Government in the January 6th Capitol Riot

On June 23rd, Roger Stone told Bob Sellers and Heather Star Childers on Newsmax‘s  American Agenda first and foremost that “Any claim assertion implication or otherwise any
accusation that I either knew about or was involved in any of the illegal acts in Washington DC on January 6th is categorically false. There is no evidence to the contrary and an honest investigation will prove that. It is also not possible for any other person to claim otherwise without corroboration because it is a lie.”

Stone Drops His Bombshell — Secret Service Involvement?

This has been Stone’s consistent rebuke of any involvement with the Capitol Riot for months. But then it got interesting.

“I do find it odd that shortly after the President’s speech the secret service contacted someone who worked for me by phone and told me that they wanted to escort me to the Capitol I declined.”
“I’ve worked for three American Presidents, the Secret Service does not do political chores the Secret Service does not perform logistical tasks i find it rather suspicious to be honest with you.”

He continued, “Understanding how the secret service works obviously the implication is that this is something the President wanted […] I was with Pastor Mark Burns and Reverend Randy Coggins right in my suite watching the whole thing unfold on television

Pastor Burns confirmed Stone’s account via Twitter later the same day. The Pastor enjoys a solid reputation in many circles and his corroboration of Stone’s account adds significant credibility, even to those who would doubt the storied political operative. Burns is running for the US House for District 4 of South Carolina. Its’ Burns’ confirmation that makes what Stone said about the Secret Service the most concerning. Who within the USSS would arrange such a thing? Certainly, it wasn’t on Trump’s order. Who could it have been? Who has authority over the Secret Service? The list is short: Secret Service Director

Multiple left-leaning outlets and pundits such as Seth Abramson, or Los Angeles Times’ Harry Litman have pointed to video of Stone greeting well-wishers outside of the Willard InterContinental Hotel as prima facie evidence that he was “inciting the other protesters and encouraging them” a view that according to Litman the FBI are now pursuing. Perhaps they are hoping to succeed where the Secret Service failed according to Stone.



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