TERRIFIED For Their Lives…Guardsman Turned Into a MANIAC


An overly zealous and probably Democrat-registered National Guardsman in Massachusetts harassed a tour bus full of senior citizens, falsely believing they were unwanted immigrants evading detention and headed to Cape Cod. He acted like a maniac with road rage as he dogged the terrified vacationers all the way to their hotel. That’s when somebody called the cops on him.

Not a bus full of migrants

Thirty-seven senior citizens from Memphis, Tennessee, who signed up for the bus tour of Cape Cod, got a whole lot more excitement than they paid for. Simply because the coach was sporting Florida plates and had the words “Tallahassee, Florida” stenciled on the side.

On September 19, the group was destined for lodging in East Falmouth when their transport picked up a tail. Lt. Col. Christopher Hoffman, age 51, was off duty in his personal pickup truck. That didn’t stop him from “aggressively” pursuing the tour group for miles.

Hoffman was convinced they were another bus load of those pesky migrants sent up to Cape Cod by Governor Ron DeSantis. Not if he could help it. He conveniently streamed the evidence to be used against him live on Facebook.

Local news outlets report that the “nighttime pursuit, mainly along Route 28 south, continued for 10 or more miles from the vicinity of the Bourne Rotary to the Admiralty Inn & Suites, 51 Teaticket Highway in East Falmouth, terrifying the passengers.

It isn’t clear why nobody called the cops while the chase was ongoing. According to the driver and owner of the bus, Michael Vaughn, “the truck had its high beams on” the whole time.

He was literally five feet off my bumper. He wouldn’t leave me. He harassed us to death. Everybody was scared to death.” He wasn’t taking his hands off the wheel and not stopping until it was safe.

All over the road

The Facebook Live video clearly shows Hoffman driving up ahead of the coach to cut it off. The driver tried switching lanes “but when the bus switched lanes Hoffman did as well.” Police note he already pulled his video back down. Facebook would have left that one up though, it seems.

Once the driver reached his destination at the hotel, police were called in to handle it. Soon, they figured it out. “He thought there were immigrants on the bus,” Vaughn explains. “He was totally wrong.

Reports note, “once the bus pulled into the parking lot at the Admiralty Inn & Suites, Vaughn said Hoffman got out of his truck and was filming the bus with his phone.


No charges have been filed against Hoffman as of Tuesday morning. He’s still in trouble with the National Guard though, he works full time for them since returning from Afghanistan in 2011.

The Massachusetts National Guard considers the conduct of this soldier to be inappropriate and inconsistent with our military values,” his Commander, Col. Mark Kalin, declares.

We are currently working to ensure our service member is evaluated and receives any services he may need, while also reviewing appropriate disciplinary actions. The incident is currently under investigation and no further information is available at this time.” Chasing a bus all by yourself in your pickup truck is not approved by the brass.


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