Tension Just Hit a New All-Time HIGH


Taiwan has apparently been convinced by Nancy Pelosi that all they have to do is flip Xi Jinping the middle finger and Joe Biden will come to the rescue, with the full nuclear might of democracy and NATO behind him. They think that will scare the Pooh Bear into backing down. Strategy like that is scary because there is a whole lot more of a chance that he’ll go ahead and start Armageddon. The way he’s been hanging around with Vlad Putin suggests they might be teaming up against us already.

Taiwan prepares for war

Taiwan ramped up global tension enough to nudge the hands on the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight. Ignoring a really good suggestion from Elon Musk that would leave them in a much better position politically than Hong Kong, which Beijing can actually get behind, President Tsai Ing-wen is digging in defensively.

She’s pledging to bolster the country’s “national defense combat power” and “morale of the people.” Reuters got their hands on an advance copy of her speech, which was scheduled for delivery October 10.

In her presentation from “outside the presidential office located in central Taipei,” Ing-wen will state for the record that “democratic resilience” is a key to the protection of Taiwan. Those words are guaranteed to send Xi Jinping into a fit of rage.

It’s crystal clear that she’s talking about Joe Biden when she mentions her nation “needs to stay ‘closely‘ connected with democratic allies in addition to the strengthening of international relationships.” Those “international relationships” would be with other NATO countries.

China is already keeping the heat on with a highly visible military presence. Taiwan’s National Defense ministry noted on Sunday that “12 aircraft from China’s People’s Liberation Army” were picked up on radar in the vicinity. Two of them crossed “the median line of the Taiwan Strait.

China also has ships operating close by. Beijing continues to insist they would prefer a peaceful compromise. They already offered a deal similar to the one they have with Hong Kong.

All or nothing

People living in Kowloon aren’t real happy with their arrangement but Taiwan is rumored to be in position to negotiate a better deal. When Elon Musk suggested that, the Chinese signaled willingness to talk about it. The general idea is to move from a “one china” policy to “one country, two systems.

Its the details of those systems which the parties should be hammering out. Instead, Tsai Ing-wen wants all or nothing. Nancy Pelosi has her convinced she can get her way if she’s stubborn enough. Pelosi forgets that the Pooh Bear isn’t sleeping with Ms. Ing-wen. He just wants to bleep her into radioactive submission.

When Joe Biden made an appearance on 60 Minutes, he was sure to announce that “he would defend Taiwan if China decided to invade.” China will only invade if provoked diplomatically so Joe’s been trying his best to provoke it.

Like a bully on the schoolyard hovering millimeters from the face of some crying victim taunting “I’m not touching you… Go ahead and hit me and you started it.” That may work on Corn Pop but the Pooh Bear is getting ready to go postal in a big nuclear way.

If all goes well for Xi, and the pundits are convinced it will, he’s about to be reelected as their supreme leader once again. As soon as he has his power fully consolidated, once again, the world can expect a rain of death to come down on Taiwan until they’re peacefully “re-unified.

If Joe and his buddies decide to get into it, then there is a long range nuclear powered nuclear torpedo that already has Nancy Pelosi’s name stenciled on it. Waiting in the wings is Vlad Putin’s Doomsday sub, currently doing secret things someplace other than where its based.


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