Report: They Quietly Shadow Banned the Truth


Now that we live in the Democrat controlled land of unity, tech giants like Google and Twitter can casually shadow ban the truth. The insurrection and violence is about to sweep trough Brooklyn Center, Minnesota for a third night. The Imperial Palace is well aware of the situation but doing nothing to prevent it. His Wisdom Joe Biden announced that “looting and attacks on buildings aren’t a legitimate form of protest” but nobody is listening. Kamala Harris already told them go ahead and do it. “Prayers are not enough,” she tweeted. “Daunte’s family needs to know why their child is dead—they deserve answers.”

They don’t want the truth

The truth is that Duante is dead because he resisted arrest. It didn’t help that the cop reached for her Taser and grabbed her gun, but police doing what police do has become an excuse for looting and violence.

The one word you won’t hear from anyone on the liberal side of the story is “insurrection.” Only deplorables can do that. What is really happening here is that Duante Wright’s killing is being exploited for the mob to loot the dollar store. It’s okay because they call it “justice.”

The second night of violence and civil unrest which mostly happened in Minnesota but also broke out in other liberal strongholds is being censored and shadow banned by Google, according to reports.

Google won’t tell you the truth in their search results. Typing in a query for “riots today” gets totally different results depending on which engine you use. Luke Rudkowski compared Google to DuckDuckGo and was astonished.

Technology gatekeeper Google displays “results pertaining to the January 6th incident at the Capitol and the Brixton riots, which took place 40 years ago.”

Not exactly what company officials would call timely and relevant. DuckDuckGo, meanwhile, comes a lot closer to the truth and “provides numerous links to stories about the riots (despite them being described as ‘protests’ by most mainstream media sources.)”

Nothing to do with justice

Even more interesting, Microsoft’s Bing actually returned one story about the riots in Minnesota, though they’re as socially responsible and liberal as the rest.

Twitter has made a policy decision that no matter how violent the chaos gets, they will continue to call the riots “protests.” The word “insurrection” is totally off the table. The truth is what they say it is and that’s that.

Joe Biden hasn’t heard what to do from his handlers yet, so all he’s been able to say so far is “C’mon man that’s not protest.”

He won’t do anything to actually stop them from attacking the police station with improvised weapons. The truth is that he didn’t even ask them to leave the dollar stores and cell phone dealers alone.

One thing that stands out like a neon sign is that in truth, “Wright’s killing is blatantly being exploited by opportunistic thugs to commit crimes that have nothing to do with justice.”

Even the Vice President is all for it, after all, “while an investigation is underway,” what we really need is a good lynching of all the cops, “our nation needs justice and healing.” Last night the mob surrounded the cops, reinforced by the National Guard. Tonight they may be back in larger force to have another go at a “pig roast.”


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