REPORT: 64,000 GOT AWAY… Unacceptable


The numbers are in and they are not good.

We have October’s migrant numbers and we are starting off FY2023 with a record-setting pace.

Not only are encounters up almost 25 percent from last year, but gotaways are also up about 30 percent over last year’s average.

They Just Keep Coming

I am just not sure how much more of this we can take.

Border Patrol has 205,000 encounters in October, a pace that would put us over the 2.3 million record encounters from last year.

They also estimated that there were 64,000 gotaways that slipped through and were not apprehended.

That is up from the average of 50,000 a month we had last year.

With cooler weather starting to settle in, these numbers should go up considerably over the next few months.

Yet, for the most part, the mainstream media continues to ignore the story.

Sadly, with Biden in office, even if we get full control of Congress, this will not stop until we can kick this man out of the White House.


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