OJ Simpson Re-Emerges, Drops Bombshell Endorsement

OJ Simpson Re-Emerges, Drops Bombshell Endorsement

Former football player O.J. Simpson has released a video endorsing a prominent “Republican” representative, proving once again that the only people who endorse RINOs are immoral, out of touch elites.

Though the former athlete was acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald “Ron” Goldman, most Americans believe he got away with murder. The New York Post made the most astute observation, writing: “Killer endorsement.” It’s no surprise that a criminal member of the elite class is endorsing a RINO politician like Liz Cheney.

Simpson began the video by discussing the fact that Liz Cheney has been featured on cable news a lot lately. As many people are aware, Cheney has become the new “conservative” darling of the left. Any time a “conservative” trashes their own party, the left and the mainstream media immediately put them on a pedestal as a ‘principled conservative.’ In reality, Cheney is just a RINO (Republican In Name Only).

“Now I gotta admit, I was not a fan of Liz Cheney. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 50/50 on her politics, but I didn’t like her,” Simpson continues.

He then reveals why he didn’t like Liz Cheney: because he didn’t like her father. According to Simpson, former Vice President Dick Cheney is “probably my least favorite politician of my adult life.”

Simpson then goes on to make the outrageous claim that “facts” and “truth” are the enemy of many Republican politicians. Apparently, according to Simpson, Liz Cheney isn’t one of them. “Liz Cheney stands up for the truth,” he states in the video.

The only true statement made in the entire video endorsement is when Simpson discusses the possible consequences that Cheney is facing. “She may lose her position in the party, she may even lose her career as a politician,” he says. Hopefully, he’s right.



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