NFL Star Fought Police and Ends Up Getting Taken Down by K9


NFL Football player Richard Sherman, formerly of the San Francisco 49ers was arrested after an altercation with Police that necessitated the intervention of a K-9 unit. Officers arrested Sherman after he attempted to force entry into a family member’s home in Redmond, Washington according to law enforcement. A Redmond Police official told TMZ sports that the incident occurred around 2 AM.

ConservativePost reports, “According to the spokesperson, officers showed up to a residence in the Redmond area after receiving a call from the occupants inside the home who claimed a family member who did not live there was trying to break in.”

The Domestic Dispute And The Call

Startling footage has been released via NBC news showing Richard Sherman attempting to break into the home.

According to Fox News, Ashley Sherman, Richard’s wife made a call to 911 Operators. She reported that Richard had become aggressive and physical toward her. She told dispatchers “I need officers to my house now” and that Richard was “drunk and belligerent and he threatened to kill himself”.

“He’s threatening to kill himself. He’s sent text messages saying he’s going to hang himself,” Moss told dispatchers in a 911 call obtained by KIRO Radio. “He’s saying if the police show up that he’ll try to fight them.”

Ashley Sherman’s Uncle also audible on the call stated that he had been drinking heavily, Ashley could be heard saying it was two bottles of Hennesey.

Sherman Is Taken Down and Arrested By Police K-9

According to reports from Redmond Police, Sherman was questioned by Police until he became uncooperative. At least two officers and the NFL player suffered minor injuries during the arrest. The officers sustained “scrapes” and Sherman suffered lacerations due to the K-9 being deployed against him. Sherman is being held for burglary domestic violence a felony charge. He has been denied bail.

A Redmond Police officer advised also that the Washington State Police are now involved and are investigating Sherman for drunk driving, he allegedly crashed his vehicle into a freeway cement barrier before arriving at the home on foot.

TMZ wrote, “The officials also gave an update on Sherman’s car … saying it was severely damaged as a result of its collision with the barrier on the highway, noting one of the car’s wheels was nearly completely off when they found the abandoned ride.”

In summary, we can surmise that Sherman on a drunken tear, left his home after getting physical with his Uncle, having a verbal altercation with his wife, threatening to kill himself, wrecked his car, was locked out of the house, tried to bash the door in, was taken down by a Police K-9 and arrested. It’s a sad turn of events. The saddest part, is the reaction from the press and internet at large is to criticize the 911 Operator and comment on how lucky it is that Sherman wasn’t killed by the Police.


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