NBC Made Their Pelosi Report Disappear


NBC is taking some serious heat over their disappearing Paul Pelosi story. The narrative surrounding his hammer attack has been a fluid and evolving set of conflicting contradictions and apparent misdirection. Their sudden retraction without any explanation has everyone wondering.

Ever evolving Pelosi narrative

Fox News couldn’t wait to sling mud at their competition, reporting that “NBC News caused a firestorm on social media after it retracted its explosive reporting on last week’s attack of Paul Pelosi.

It seems that on the “Today” show, “NBC News national correspondent Miguel Almaguer went viral for stunning revelations of what apparently transpired when police arrived to Pelosi’s San Francisco home.” The leaks came from unofficial sources with no authority to say anything to anyone.

Sources familiar with what unfolded in the Pelosi residence now reveal when officers responded to the ‘high priority call,’ they were seemingly unaware they’ve been called to the home of the Speaker of the House.

It was just another weird call to 911 in the night for responding officers. Where other outlets have been reporting a discrepancy, NBC had a plausible but even more confusing answer.

Previous reports suggested another person was in the home at the time to answer the door. NBC declared otherwise. “After a ‘knock and announce,’ the front door was opened by Mr. Pelosi. The 82-year-old did not immediately declare an emergency or try to leave his home but instead began walking several feet back into the foyer toward the assailant and away from police.

It’s unclear if the 82-year-old was already injured or what his mental state was.” So, Paul answered the door in the middle of a struggle over a hammer and acted like it was no big deal. “Oh, hi guys, nothing going on, no problem.

Everything’s good

Court documents add that “when the officer asked what was going on, defendant smiled and said ‘everything’s good‘ but instantaneously a struggle ensued as police clearly saw David DePape strike Paul Pelosi in the head with a hammer.

That’s when cops piled on the Illegal Canadian like a team of linebackers. “After tackling the suspect, officers rushed to Mr. Pelosi who was lying in a pool of blood.

The thing that apparently got Almaguer in trouble with his producers about is when co-host Craig Melvin admitted “we still don’t know exactly what unfolded between Mr. Pelosi and the suspect for the 30 minutes they were alone inside that house before police arrived.

Officials who are investigating this matter would not go into further details about these new details.” As soon as Twitter followers started noting the questions raised by the report, it was yanked.

NBC News issued an editor’s note on its website, reading “This piece has been removed from publication because it did not meet NBC News reporting standards.” It actually told the truth and conservatives can use that against them. It isn’t clear what part of the story wasn’t up to their code.

Paul Pelosi was released from the hospital on Thursday, one week after the shocking attack at his home. He’s noted to be recovering from emergency surgery on a fractured skull. “Police recovered zip ties in Pelosi’s bedroom, found glass broken at the rear of the house, tape, rope, gloves and a journal, according to the FBI affidavit.


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