What The Police and Media AREN’T Telling Us About This Brutal ATTACK


Fresh details are emerging about the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi. The media are picking and choosing the facts they report and inserting a whole bunch of commentary in along with them. That’s okay. The breadcrumbs which they’re dropping accidentally happen to trail down a familiar Deep State rabbit hole. One leading to highly trained federal instigators and false-flag events. Events conveniently meant to provide political mayhem for the cameras right on “Q.

Pelosi suspect a right wing maniac

Just like all the barbarian invaders who stormed the capitol on January 6, David DePape is both an unstable maniac and a follower of “Q-Anon.” Like the custom delivered and patriotically camouflaged insurrectionists, DePape was also “on a mission,” as LA Times reports. “Where’s Nancy?” He allegedly screamed upon entry.

Was the “get Nancy Pelosi” mission planned and planted in his unstable 42-year-old brain by the Federal Bureau of Instigation? Christopher Wray might know the answer to that for sure. There are a lot of deplorable type conservatives who think Chris is the guy behind the Guy Fawkes mask.

More facts have been disclosed which fill in a bunch of gaps. Police got a 911 call at 2:27 a.m. Friday. Nancy wasn’t there at the time so neither were her security team. Paul Pelosi was home, but he wasn’t alone when DePape kicked in a back door at the couple’s San Francisco estate, screaming for Nancy.

Defended by nothing but his boxers, Paul came down and confronted the intruder. After telling the guy Nancy wasn’t there, he thought fast.

Telling the intruder that Nancy would be back soon he offered to let the man wait, but “hey, you woke me up, mind if I use the bathroom?” That’s where his cell phone was charging.

The amateur assailant and his hammer didn’t see a problem with that. The 911 operator says the words didn’t make a whole lot of sense but since it was the Pelosi home it was probably serious.

Who opened the door?

Police are strangely silent and the media hasn’t been pressing them on the issue but nobody wants to talk about who answered the door “about two minutes” later when cops showed up. Someone opened it. Nancy wasn’t there and when the door was opened by whoever, cops saw Paul Pelosi and DePape, “each with one hand on a single hammer.” Paul was fine until they got there.

Officers demanded both men let go of the hammer. Paul did but his assailant didn’t. DePape proceeded to hit Pelosi on the head with it. That’s when Paul was “violently attacked” with the hammer. Police piled on. Soon, DePape had to go to the hospital as well.

Doctors at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital performed surgery to “repair a skull fracture and serious injuries to his right arm and hands.” Pelosi is expected to make a full recovery. David DePape has already been practically declared a Donald Trump controlled robotic assassin, despite the fact that his obvious mental instability isn’t being properly treated.

It wouldn’t be a big surprise if we were to learn that some of the people he was chatting with on 4chan put him up to it. They may not have spelled out “go whack Nancy with a hammer” but trained psychological manipulators could have pushed his buttons enough to produce him to come up with the rest on his own.

DePape was charged Friday with “suspicion of attempted murder, first-degree burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, threatening a family member of a public official, elder abuse, battery with serious bodily injury, dissuading a witness and injuring a wireless device.

Bludgeoning Paul Pelosi with a hammer was bad enough but he’ll probably do serious time for whacking that cell phone.


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