Mayor Blasts Family in Road Rage Shooting


The Mayor of Rufus, Oregon, Dowen Jones, has been charged with multiple counts, after blasting at a family of four in an “alleged road rage shooting.” This incident underscores that Democrat controlled states are devolving into lawless anarchy.

Mayor Jones a total maniac

The town of Rufus, Oregon, may be small but because of their recklessly homicidal mayor, everyone knows about them now. Dowen Jones was officially charged on Wednesday, November 2, with one count of attempted murder and four counts of attempted assault in the first degree.

The accusations stem from a road rage shooting incident on Halloween. The tiny town lies “east of Portland along the Columbia River.

Around 8:43 p.m. local time on Monday evening, as the last of local trick-or-treaters were making their way home, “a family including two adults, one five-year-old and an eight-year-old were traveling on Highway 281,” peacefully minding their own business.

Then, they pulled behind an SUV “that was driving erratically.” Hood River County Sheriff’s Office relates that the family had no idea the mayor was driving it.

When the suspicious and possibly impaired driver “eventually pulled over abruptly,” they slowed to get a description and plate number for the police.

According to deputies, “a man then stepped out of the passenger side of the SUV and fired multiple rounds from a handgun at the family.” They later found out it was their town mayor blasting at them for no reason.


Nobody was injured

Thankfully, nobody was injured or killed. It’s a miracle because the family car was riddled with bullets. Investigators managed to locate the SUV on Tuesday. They were stunned to learn it was registered to Mayor Jones. It wasn’t stolen either.

It didn’t take them long to identify Dowen Jones as “the shooter.” Despite their liberal bail laws, Jones is actually being held in custody at the Northern Oregon Regional Corrections facility. They set his at $100,000 and he hasn’t got the cash.

Friends and co-workers of the mayor are stunned. Rufus City Council President Scott Holliday was totally shocked. “It’s terrible. He’s a good man. It’s crazy,” he notes to the press.

Nobody understands what exactly happened, much less why. People think the world of him. He’s just a good guy. So it’s very, very grieving for something like this.

The town of Rufus “has fewer than 300 residents, according to the most recent census.” They’ll be looking for a new mayor now. If you’re interested in the job, the town “is about 100 miles east of Portland, along the Columbia River that marks the Oregon-Washington border.” It doesn’t seem real hard to get the job.

Jones, for instance, “was elected mayor in 2018 with 76 votes.” His term ends at the end of this year but he won’t be at his desk. Washington Post points out that “it’s not immediately clear who succeeds him.” They asked, though. “A spokesperson with the city of Rufus declined to comment. The sheriff’s office also declined to comment further because the investigation is ongoing.


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