Man Finds Intruder Mauled To Death By Two Dogs After Attempted Break-In


After a long night at work, a Newnan, Georgia homeowner found his dogs had left a nasty mess on his front porch. It turned out to be intruder Alex Binyam Abraha. Unlike federal Inspectors General, these watchdogs have teeth. Their fate was instantly up in the air, even though everyone agrees they were only doing their job.

Intruder gets surprise of his life

The unidentified Georgia homeowner wasn’t expecting the bloody mess he encountered on his front porch Friday morning, September 24. He called police before taking another step. The intruder later identified as Abraha “had active warrants for his arrest in Fulton County,” but before they got word from the coroner deputies had it pegged as a murder.

The way the family of Alex Abraha sees it, he was on the job too. They’ll probably end up filing a benefit claim with OSHA over the unsafe working conditions. After all, under the socialist Joe Biden guidelines, burglar counts as independent contractor employment.

According to police, 21-year-old Abraha “successfully breached the two-bedroom house.” When he cased the home near the rural town of Newnan, he missed the two pitbulls who lived there. They were as surprised as he was but the situation tipped in their favor when they knew what to do and he didn’t.

Police aren’t saying if any firearms were found inside the home which the intruder may have carried in with him. If he had a gun he didn’t get much chance to use it.

After the medical examiner went through what was left of the hapless intruder, he verified the dogs had done the killing, not a human.

According to the report, “the man died from injuries sustained during the vicious dog attack.” There was no valid reason for Abraha to be inside that building. Even so, the “county’s Department of Corrections seized both dogs. Their fate was not immediately clear.”

No charges for homeowner

The Coweta County homeowner “will not face charges related to Abraha’s death.” He remained frantic he might not get his dogs back though. Investigators say “the homeowner doesn’t know the man or why he would be in his home.” He wasn’t even sure how the intruder was able to enter.

Police “arrived at the scene at around 10:30 in the morning after they received the report of a body found.” At least, they found part of a body. “Initially, the sheriff’s department and homicide investigators from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation worked together as they thought it to be a homicide.”

After the public melted down the phone lines, officials released a statement confirming the “two dogs who lethally mauled an alleged home intruder will not be put to death.”


They had also concluded by then that the suspected burglar “was able to make it to the front porch” on his own where “he expired from the injuries he received from the dogs.” Locals are a lot more concerned about the animals. “Coweta County Animal Services and the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office have been ‘flooded’ with calls and emails from people concerned about the two dogs.”

They still have to stay in quarantine for ten days to make the health department happy but officials relate they will get to go home “at the end of the quarantine period.” Cops still have no clue “how Abraha arrived at the home, since no car was found nearby.”

One thing is absolutely certain, the intruder won’t be committing any more crimes in the future. Taxpayers don’t even have to worry about whether prosecutors would take the time to charge him or not, since he’s obviously registered with BLM. That means he would have been released to be handy for the nightly riot.


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