Watch as the Votes Just DISAPPEAR


Did those 350,000 votes just disappear? Yep, they did. The entire internet is freaking out over the smoking gun evidence they saw right before their very eyes. There is a reason for the phrase that anything which seems too good to be true is usually wrong. This is one of those cases.

Votes just disappear

Nobody trusts CNN as far as they can throw one of the network’s anchors. That’s why, during their live coverage of the California recall election, everyone was convinced they watched election fraud happen live on TV.

Votes suddenly vanished and there could only be one reason, viewers believed. The progressively left-leaning outlet made no secret that they were rooting for Gavin Newsom to keep his job as governor.

One suspicious viewer happened to be recording his TV, tuned to CNN. As part of a “graphic” inquiring “Should Gov. Newsom be recalled?” the running total of 4,530,002 “no” votes had been counted. That worked out to 67.1% at the time.

On the yes side were 2,225,915 for 32.9%. They claimed that 52% of the ballots had been counted. What caught the man’s attention was “a similar, smaller graphic with the same information in the bottom right corner of the screen.”

As the viewer zooms in he points out where the “graphic then changes and some of the numbers change.” The “yes” votes suddenly plummet from 2,225,915 to 1,874,206, or 29.3%. At the same instant the number of “no” ballots stays rock solid, increasing the ratio to 70.7%.

Along with the change the percentage of ballots counted dropped back down from 52 to 49%. That has voters demanding to know what happened to 3% of the ballots which happened to all be marked in favor of booting out Governor Newsom.

Where did they go

“Where did they go? 400,000 votes just disappeared? Wow.” He was right that the numbers did in fact magically change. The network confirms his “recording of the CNN broadcast is authentic.” It’s not as sinister as it seems though.

According to Politifact, “the polling firm that provides election data to CNN and other news organizations told us that what that man witnessed was a mistake being corrected.”

CNN didn’t cook the books. Polling firm Edison Research is responsible for feeding the data in for display. Their Executive Vice President Rob Farbman explained what happened. “Edison relies on different sources including state data and reporters hired to collect vote tallies in person at county elections offices.”

During the election, a “reporter hired by Edison who was stationed at an office in Santa Clara County called the firm and accidentally said that about 350,000 votes there were in favor of recalling Newsom.” He lied.

In reality, Farbman assures, “The mistake resulted in CNN wrongly reporting that there were about 350,000 extra votes to recall Newsom.” The quick thinking viewer was totally correct about what he saw.

“This error was entered at 11:19pm ET and corrected 2 minutes later at 11:21pm ET. The vote ‘drop’ was taking out the error and putting in the vote being reported by Santa Clara County.”


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