Joe Biden’s Fears Are Revealed


What the Democrat-Socialists and the Biden-Harris regime are absolutely screaming to the heavens DEMANDING is the end of the Senate filibuster. It is at the root of all their fears. The historic practice is the last barrier protecting Americans from the full transformation of the United States into the Democrat-Socialist “Woke-ist” state that the radical leftists of BLM and Antifa are holding the party at proverbial gunpoint demanding. A few Democrat Senators stand in the way, and leading them is Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV).

The filibuster slows things down, it forces the parties to come together and compromise, requiring the majority to attempt to woo the minority with policies they want in order to move anything. In short, it is Joe Biden’s nightmare.

Jonathan Martin joined Michael Barbaro on The Daily for the New York Times to discuss “Joe Manchin’s Motivations” and they picked out a few gems that can help someone to understand Manchin: a Catholic Democrat of the Kennedy persuasion, fiscally liberal but socially more conservative and presently the greatest threat to the Biden-Harris regime for a single reason that Martin pointed out:

“He is oftentimes a party of one, and his votes are anything but predictable.”

He continued, “He wants the Senate to remain the Senate, at least in his eyes, what it’s supposed to be, which is a slower and, yes, more inefficient body compared to the House that demands bipartisan compromise and negotiation. Now, a lot of Democrats believe that basically, the filibuster has become simply a stalling tactic now.”

Biden Fears Any Delays To His Agenda

As we draw closer to the 2022 mid-term elections, the survival of the Biden-Harris regime and indeed the entire Democrat party is in the air. If Biden & Co. cannot secure the massively partisan wins and deliver on the outlandish demands of his grassroots base, the party will completely implode. While President Trump (in spite of various RINO’s efforts) has largely consolidated his power base in the Republican party, the Democrats, although in power, are made of glass and teetering on a knife’s edge.

Manchin’s unpredictability and insistence on at least ATTEMPTING bipartisanship runs down the clock, every day that passes without HR1 or HR127, Biden’s signature Election reform and Gun Control measures respectively being passed are devastating to their outlook.

Jonathan Martin explained, “Well, some of his votes are along party lines. There’s no question. But he has shown a willingness to compromise and be quite unpredictable about what he will and will not support.

So, for example, on a number of issues, he tends to be more supportive of the conservative line on cultural issues, whether that’s opposing abortion rights, generally supporting the coal industry, which is key to his state. Largely supportive of gun rights, although with some willingness to compromise.”

Biden may be in the White House, Pelosi may still be speaker, and Chuck Schumer is very thinly majority leader, but make no mistake: Joe Manchin is the most powerful man in the United States today, and he refuses to be controlled by his party.


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