How the ATF has Become Compromised


Former Bush-era Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Michael Sullivan has penned an Op-Ed for Fox News, expressing his extreme concern that the Biden-Harris regime’s anti-Second Amendment puppet nominee for ATF Director David Chipman “would compromise [the] agency’s mission.” After all, how could a paid lobbyist for the anti-gun Gifford’s foundation be capable of regulating firearms in a manner consistent with the Second Amendment: the uninfringed right to keep and bear arms? He couldn’t, more accurately: he wouldn’t.

Sullivan wrote, “Since retiring from ATF, Chipman has been a registered lobbyist, first with Everytown for Gun Safety and more recently as a lobbyist, policy director and spokesperson for the Giffords gun control group. Unfortunately, based on his strongly held personal beliefs, his focus – if confirmed to lead ATF – would be on the “Chief,” not “of Staff.”

“His partisan advocacy is his right as a private citizen, but engaging in his specific advocacy means his ability to objectively carry out the constitutional and legal responsibilities of the ATF, and effectively lead the more than 5,000 men and women who serve there, will be questioned both within and outside of ATF.”

As The GOP Times reported, Chipman has already been through a thorough clean-up process, scrubbing his social media properties but it was incomplete. And the internet never ever forgets.

“So what is Chipman hiding in those deleted tweets and purged reddit feeds? He is a crazed gun-grabbing activist who promoted apologist conspiracy theories about the disastrous Waco, TX massacre of the Branch Davidians? Yup.”


The Ghosts of WACO and Ruby Ridge Still Haunt Chipman & The ATF

As reported in previous Deep State Rabbit Hole, the ghosts of the Waco, TX massacre are still haunting Mr. Chipman who spouted conspiracy theories on Reddit years later, suggesting that as Tucker Carlson pointed out “People who fail background checks should be arrested on the spot.” and comparing Americans who purchased firearms in record-shattering numbers during Black Lives Matter’s summer of rage when 140 American cities saw riots looting and burning to “Tiger King”.

Chipman has been hocking lies about Americans’ Second Amendment rights for over a decade and made millions doing it. According to Beth Baumann of The Daily Wire, he’s made at least $1.84 million stoking peoples’ fear of one another with the express goal of stripping away our God-given right to self-defense.

Sullivan wrote, “The truth is that the millions of Americans who own firearms are overwhelmingly law-abiding.  The firearm industry has long-standing partnerships with ATF, working in tandem to prevent illegal straw purchases of firearms, and matches ATF reward offers when firearms are stolen from retail stores.  Further, ATF and the firearm industry teamed up to deter and prevent “smash-and-grab” gun thefts to stop the criminal acquisition and misuse of firearms.

“The bureau and the millions of gun owners aren’t the problem. Criminals are. I say this as a former United States attorney and local district attorney.”

A man like Chipman who views law-abiding American gun owners as ‘the problem’ has no place even working at the ATF, let alone leading it. It’s a recipe for disaster, historically speaking, efforts to disarm the American people en masse have only ever ended in catastrophic bloodshed. As our nation stands upon a knife-edge, there is no room for error or misjudgment, Chipman’s nomination represents both.


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