Homeless Man allegedly Slits Woman’s Throat After She ‘Pays it Forward’


A woman in Salt Lake City, Utah, is fighting for her life after a homeless man slit her throat. That’s her reward for compassionately trying to “pay it forward.” You can be assured she won’t be caving in to social guilt again any time soon.

Throat slash payback

No good deed,” the cynical saying laments, “goes unpunished.” The unidentified victim isn’t saying much because her throat was slashed wide open. Details are sparse but Salt Lake City Police are doing their best to fill in the gaps.

The bloodbath happened around 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 6 shortly after the female Good Samaritan invited the inhuman animal “into her home to shower.” Eric Jones had an unusual way of saying thank you.

Police were called by somebody reporting “a woman heavily bleeding from the neck.” When paramedics arrived, they discovered the woman’s throat had been slashed and blood was everywhere.

The only thing she was able to communicate to police was that “she had let the man in to use the shower.” He was gone by the time first responders arrived. They managed to track down and arrest the 30-year-old suspect but it took them until Friday.

The victim was quickly patched up by paramedics enough for transport to a local trauma center. She arrived in critical condition and “underwent emergency surgery.

Police provided an update later that the woman was upgraded to “stable” condition but they weren’t ready to identify her yet. She lost a lot of blood from the throat wound and narrowly escaped death.

Homeless psycho slasher

It was obvious that the psycho slasher was homeless, so working with that clue, they started following the trail of breadcrumbs. By Friday, they made an announcement.

Working with detectives, SLCPD Patrol Officers have arrested a 30-year-old man who is accused of cutting a woman’s throat inside her residence in what appears to be a random attack. Our investigation is ongoing.

They caught up with Eric Jones “at approximately 1 AM on Friday,” then proceeded to give him a new address at the Salt Lake County Metro Jail.

His paperwork notes they call slitting someone’s throat from ear-to-ear, “aggravated assault.” They set his bond at $10,000 which liberal activists are scrambling to produce.

According to Detective Michelle Mechling the best way to avoid getting your throat slashed is “know who you’re letting into your house and don’t let people you don’t know into your house.”

When society gets to the point that folks need warning reminders like that, it means the collapse of civilization into a dark age of ignorance and anarchy.


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