Freak Accident With Shocking Details


An absolutely heartbreaking freak accident has been reported in Palm Harbor, Florida where an as yet unidentified 66-year-old woman driving a 2006 Nissan sedan backed into a gas pump at a Circle K gas station. The impact caused the gas pump to fall against the vehicle it, pinning its driver between it and her vehicle before erupting into an inferno that incinerated the pump, the 2018 Honda SUV… and tragically the unfortunate woman. The horrifying accident is being investigated jointly by the Florida State Fire Marshall and the Florida Highway Patrol.

The gas station attendant, Nicholas Norrie was on break when he heard the loud explosion.

“Loud boom, followed by rattling and popping,” Norrie told WFLA. “Shook the building, I ran out to see, and I saw fire coming from the gas station.”

“Breaks my heart,” Norrie said. “I just saw a lot of smoke and the flames and it was really thick, emergency personnel running all over, the smoke was so dense I couldn’t see.” The Florida Highway Patrol Public Affairs Officer Sgt. Steve Gaskins told the press that any charges will be pending the completion of their investigation.

The Shocking Development That Followed The Freak Accident

Another crushing layer to this tragedy emerged later as video of the incident became available and a good samaritan came forward. Jared Pearson and a friend were panhandling nearby when the accident happened. He told NBC 8‘s Melissa Marino that he saw a little girl, later identified as one of the victim’s two children using a fire extinguisher in a desperate effort to save her mother. While his friend Ricky Strobel captured video, Pearson ran to pull the two children away, knowing their efforts were in vain. The fire was already out of control.

“I saw the kids grabbed the fire extinguisher by the time I hit that median. Everything was a giant fireball. I ran into like smoke to get by the kids that were right there. To pull them over there.” Unfortunately, Jared didn’t find out their mother was trapped in the fire until it was too late. He told Marino that he wishes he could have done more. “It still bothers me. I hope those kids are all right.”

The names of the victim and driver are still being withheld by Florida authorities pending the completion of the investigation.


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