Federal Reserve SHATTERS Biden Narrative

    WTH Did Joe Biden Just Say?

    Hey Joe… you really should get all your guys on the same page if you are going to push a bogus narrative.

    Neel Kashkari is the President and CEO of the Minneapolis Reserve Bank.

    In terms of inflation, he is someone that is “in the know.”

    Unfortunately for Joe Biden, he is not on the same page as the administration.

    Going to Get Worse

    Biden would love us all to believe that inflation has topped out, but it hasn’t.

    Not only that, but Kashkari says its reach is expanding.

    He stated, “It’s very concerning. We keep getting inflation readings, new data that comes in as recently as this past week, and we keep getting surprised.

    “It’s higher than we expect.

    “And it’s not just a few categories.

    “It’s spreading out more broadly across the economy and that’s why the Federal Reserve is acting with such urgency to get it under control and bring it back down.”

    He continued, “For most Americans, their wages are going up, but they’re not going up as fast as inflation, so most Americans’ real wages, real incomes are going down.

    “They’re getting a real wage cut because inflation is growing so quickly. I mean typically, we think about wage-driven inflation where wages grow quickly and that leads to higher prices in a self-fulfilling spiral – that is not yet happening.”

    Joe Biden has overplayed his hand, and they are now doubling down with this Manchin-Schumer legislation.

    Here is my advice, for whatever it’s worth… cut back, stop excessive spending, and dig in, because we are in for a long winter.


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