FBI Director Wray Shocking Admission…Fire Him Now

FBI Director Christopher Wray

The Director of the FBI just admitted he has no respect for Congress.

He did not utter those exact words, but an admission he made about an August hearing translates to exactly that.

Wray finally came clean that when he cut his oversight hearing short, he was actually going on vacation.


The reports surfaced right after the hearing that Wray was headed to the Adirondacks to meet up with his family.

The issue here is that he was asked for just 21 minutes, but he made it sound as though it was a business trip, not a pleasure trip.

Senator Hawley (R-MO) had Wray in the hot seat and went after him on this…

The sad reality is that Wray knows there is nothing that Hawley or any other Republican can do to him right now.

He is untouchable without a supermajority in the Senate and the majority in the House.

That cocky look on his face told us everything you needed to know.

That hearing might as well have been an episode of “All My Children,” as it is nothing more than political theater.


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