FBI Caught Spying on Americans – Lot’s of Them


While everyone was distracted by the dastardly FBI shenanigans exposed by the Michael Sussmann trial, Jim Jordan and Mike Turner were proving there are some people on Uncle Sam’s payroll who perform their function of representing their constituents at home, instead of pursuing their own personal and political interests.

FBI overstepped the lines

Not only was the FBI helping to frame Donald Trump for Russian collusion, they “wiretapped and gathered personal information on over 3.3 million Americans without a warrant.” Jim Jordan and other powerful house conservatives are “demanding answers” Epoch Times reports.

Court ordered information revealed “that the federal agency had collected the information of over 3 million Americans without a warrant.

On May 25, Jordan and Turner drafted a letter to alleged FBI Director Christopher Wray, demanding an explanation for the reason why. He better have a good one, insiders observe.

At the same time the FISA court is in the spotlight at the Durham prosecution, for the engineered weaponization of the justice department to fraudulently obtain a wiretap on Carter Page, the lawmakers are concerned about a whole separate set of violations.

The special “star-chamber” court in question has the power to grant the FBI approval for gathering of “limited” foreign intelligence information.

Under the fine print of section 702, if the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence “jointly authorize” it, the “targeting” of non-U.S. persons “who are reasonably believed to be outside of the United States” are allowed, for the purpose of acquiring “foreign intelligence information.

An ever expanding circle

That can be stretched out in “an expanding circle of possible searches to the FBI and other intel agencies, who can use the same power against American citizens who had any interaction with targeted foreigners.” Recently produced disclosures revealed that there was a huge spike in 2021.

In total, queries against U.S. citizens came out to a jaw-dropping 3,394,053 searches. By comparison, only 1,324,057 such queries were made in 2020, representing around a 250 percent increase during President Joe Biden’s first year in office.

More than half the FBI searches “were part of the larger investigation of alleged Russian attempts to target or weaken U.S. critical infrastructure.” None “of these queries was related to national security, and they returned numerous Section 702-acquired products in response.

In the past, the bureau had their hand slapped for other “issues entirely unrelated to foreign intelligence. These included queries for criminal investigations about healthcare fraud, transnational organized crime, violent gangs, domestic terrorism involving racially motivated violent extremists, as well as investigations relating to public corruption and bribery.

Jordan and Turner are demanding “rigorous Congressional oversight” of what the FBI is up to at FISA, considering their horrid track record.

Their letter “laid out a laundry list of questions about the report, demanding further transparency and explanations on the revelation that the FBI has often overstepped its legal authority to spy on American citizens.


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