Fact Check: Joe Biden Makes WILDLY INSANE Claim


Joe Biden is allowed to say whatever he wants on Twitter because they’re on his side. What he tapped out on Sunday, September 26, makes it look like he’s been standing too close to Hunter’s crack pipe fumes or something. He’s going to spend $3.5 trillion taxpayer dollars. The Imperial Leader actually believes you’ll swallow his wildly insane claim that it’s totally free.

Biden claim ‘insane’

The way His Wisdom Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. sees it, “we can make a once-in-a-generation investment in working America. And it adds zero dollars to the national debt.” He uses phony accounting tricks and offsets that though taxes. Lots and lots of taxes, then more taxes. Some you see, some you don’t. That $3.5 trillion doesn’t grow on trees.

Sure they can print up as much as they want. It’s easy. Just be prepared to buy your second cup of coffee for the morning along with your first because the price will go up by the time you’re ready to drink it.

In Venezuela, where they use the same sort of spend your way out of bankruptcy tactics which Biden loves so much, they found out raising bunnies for food doesn’t work when the kids keep naming them.

After they ate the zoo animals they were down to pets, whether they liked it or not. That’s socialist paradise progress for you.

The latest up to the minute word is that the whole deal is about to implode on Capitol Hill. Nancy Pelosi is rumored to be bracing progressives to “lower their expectations.” They have a problem with renegade DINO defectors who won’t go along with the Biden scheme for evil galactic domination. If he gets his way, the trillions and trillions will “create a cradle to grave socialist welfare state.”

Along with it comes the “largest tax increase in American history.” His plan to monitor every transaction into every account which holds $600 or more leaked earlier this week. That’s how tight the enforcement methods will need to be.

Checking the facts

Biden wants the American voting public to think that his Build Back Better Agenda will not cost the American people one penny. That’s false. It will cost $3.5 trillion.

He plans to keep it out of the balance sheet through the miracle of Modern Monetary Theory, the latest creation of the Jekyll Island lab most people call the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Instead of frivolously “wasting” money “on tax breaks, loopholes, and tax evasion,” Biden will squeeze every penny until the copper runs out. The economists keep telling him that the dirty little secret is that no matter what the actual tax rate, the amount that actually gets “collected” rarely varies by much.

There won’t be any massive influx of taxes no matter how bad the palace wishes for them. Instead, inflation will spiral wildly out of control. It’s happening already.

As DailyWire notes, “right now, prices are increasing at a rate that outstrips any raises in American’s paychecks. The Congressional “nonpartisan scorekeeper for tax policy” agrees. The “Democrats’ pending tax bill will raise taxes on the middle class” clearly breaking a key Biden campaign promise.

In order to offset the big barrel of progressive pork, the IRS will need a $2.9 trillion tax hike.” That would raise the personal income tax, not just the corporate tax. “In the long-term, over 85% of taxpayers will witness a meaningful tax increase or receive no benefit whatsoever from the Democrats’ tax bill.”


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