Joe Biden’s Shadow Op Revealed


His Wisdom Joe Biden has been lying to the public all along and his Deep State shadow op has just been exposed. Time and again, he promised “not to raise taxes on people making less than $400,000.” He said it so often he still mumbles it in his sleep. Only two months into his Imperial reign, Biden moved the goalpost to “no taxes on ‘families’ making less than 400k.” Now the liberal New York Times reports, “tax hikes for all income levels.” They need it to feed the MMT monster which is trying to escape from Jekyll Island.

Joe Biden’s plot unveiled

Anybody who understands the basics of economics, including quite a few informed liberal Democrats, were convinced that Joe Biden was lying when he said he wouldn’t raise taxes. It’s inevitable when a government prints money to spend like a drunken sailor. Democrats think they discovered the golden goose. They created it in a lab at the Federal Reserve and they named it Modern Monetary Theory.

It flies in the face of traditional economics to declare that “inflation” doesn’t matter. Spend as much as you like. A government can’t “default” itself so it’s perfectly fine to keep printing money. They admit that inflation is always the result of that practice but claim it goes away like magic if you simply raise taxes to offset the effect. It’s like covering up the symptoms of a disease with medicine instead of curing the disease but it works. It’s also a prescription for disaster.

The socialist practices in Venezuela worked so well that people ate their pets. Now Imperial Leader Joe wants to bring that to America. To “level the playing field,” it’s a lot easier to drag us down to the level of Venezuela than to lift the socialist paradise up to match our current standard. New York Times came to the same conclusion.

Skeptics “were right to give his ‘no taxes’ vow the side eye,” they write. First it went from not taxing individuals under the threshold to families. Then the official budget was released and the bean counters realized it doesn’t add up. Not unless you add in taxes across the board on everyone. To soften the blow, Biden is also relying on a Clinton era accounting trick.

Part of the tax increase will come from not renewing the tax relief provided by once and future President Donald Trump.

“The documents forecast that” Imperial Leader Joe Biden and his cronies in Congress “will allow tax cuts for low- and middle-income Americans, signed into law by President Donald J. Trump in 2017, to expire as scheduled in 2025.” The Times got a sneak peak at “Biden administration documents showing the president’s actual tax-and-spend plans.”

Pay for it somehow

Joe Biden’s communist 5-year-plan “would take the United States to its highest sustained levels of federal spending since World War II.” He throws $6 trillion on the table just for starters. Adding up the price tag on all the liberal fantasy projects means an increase in yearly spending “to $8.2 trillion by 2031.” No problemo.

MMT eats inflation when you sweeten it with taxes. Even the far-left-leaning New York Times admits that a “spending plan that large will naturally require higher taxes.” So get used to the idea now, they suggest.

Raising “taxes on corporations and high earners” simply “won’t be enough to cover all the new spending,” especially when the palace promised their “jobs and families plan would be fully offset by tax increases over the course of 15 years.” Which time were you lying Joe?

Republicans are understandably furious. “President Biden’s budget blunder sets us up for an even worse economic recovery than the Obama-Biden record of the slowest in history,” Kevin Brady declares. The ranking conservative on the House Ways and Means committee is convinced, “Lower- and middle-income families are already suffering under the stealth tax of higher prices. Now the president wants their income taxes to go up as well.”

According to rabidly liberal VOX, MMT is the greatest thing since sliced bread and the answer to all Democrat’s problems.

“Getting comfortable with new deficit-financed programs,” they write, “would help Democrats overcome the single biggest impediment to their agenda: raising taxes to fund their programs. MMT could offer a way to justify passing big priorities like single-payer health care.” Joe Biden is guzzling that flavor Kool-Aid by the gallon.


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