DETAILS: Grenell Goes NUCLEAR on Deep State


The latest revelations of Richard Grenell have nuclear repercussions to the Deep State. Several documents are just waiting to be released which contain all the juicy details. “These reports will show voices within the intelligence community” saying, Christopher Steele’s dirty dossier “doesn’t stack up. This is not something we should be relying on.” The Federal Bureau of Instigation relied on it anyway in their Obamagate plot to overthrow President Donald Trump.

Grenell does it again

While serving as acting Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell kept a low profile and his eyes wide open. On the way out the door he declassified stack after stack of documents that the Deep State tried to hide from Congress, the courts, and the administration. Some of them were kept under lock and key by shifty Adam Schiff himself. Now Grenell’s doing it again. While making the rounds of the network news studios to explain things that liberals really don’t want people to hear, he dropped another nuclear bombshell.

The latest way Grenell found to make progressive heads explode is to rip the covers off another secret stash of records. Diligent members of the intelligence community took a hard look at the bizarre claims in Christopher Steele’s dirty dossier and called them fake news. The honchos didn’t want to hear it. “Those voices were ignored, and their comments were pushed aside.” To cover it up, the higher-ups simply classified the information.

As Grenell told Newsmax TV, “documents that have yet to be released will show that career intelligence officials pointed to red flags about the dossier.” Despite the fact that not a word of it was verified and most of it had been debunked, the FBI used the file “in its investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.” Everyone now knows there wasn’t any. All the collusion was between the Democrats and Russia.

Unheard voices so far

“There are several [documents] that still need to come out,” Grenell insists. “And these reports will show voices within the intelligence community early on, unheard of voices so far, but voices nonetheless, from the intelligence career officials saying: ‘This doesn’t stack up. This is not something we should be relying on.'” The FBI used Steele’s misinformation in four separate applications for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act wiretap orders against Carter Page. That way they could listen in on Trump campaign strategy before the election.

While still on Trump’s payroll, Grenell got the ball rolling by ripping the top secret stamps off of everything he could find, down to the footnotes. For instance, he “declassified footnotes from a Justice Department inspector general’s report which showed that the FBI received evidence in 2017 that Russian intelligence operatives fed disinformation to Steele.” That’s something that James Comey and Rod Rosenstein really didn’t want you, or John Durham, to know.

Even the Russians already know all about it. “The Russians are knowing about this [sic]. They’re putting out disinformation. Propaganda is what we used to call it. This was an early warning system that was ignored,” Grenell said. “I think that the FBI and the other intelligence agencies have to come clean. They have to say what they knew and when they knew it.”

John Durham and Attorney General William Barr have been swearing up and down that the prosecutions will start over the summer but so far nothing has happened. Worse, there are now rumors around the beltway water-coolers that Durham may have been compromised into dragging his feet until after the election. If that happens, angry Americans are going to start joining the anarchists in the streets with torches. At least Richard Grenell has been doing his part for patriotism!


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