Department of Injustice Blocking Checks and Balances


Not only does Nancy Pelosi think she can hold a one-sided kangaroo court, she thinks the Department of Injustice will help her get away with it. She can’t deny the truth so she’s trying to keep Republicans from using it against her. Jim Banks and Kevin McCarthy are standing in her way.

Democrat ‘Defense’ Department

Conservative Republican lawmaker Jim Banks is in charge of the separate GOP investigation mirroring House Speaker Pelosi’s witch hunt. The Red side is looking into “the preparedness and response of the U.S. Capitol Police and other law enforcement agencies” to whatever it was that happened on January 6.

The FBI turned in a report that Democrats were not happy with one bit. It allegedly claims there wasn’t anything at all that even smells like insurrection that day. The Department of Injustice is doing their best to cover it up. The last thing they want is for Republicans to get their hands on that report.

Banks accused the Federal Bureau of Instigation of blocking them from gathering the information.

The Department of Injustice flat out refuses to “provide Republicans the same information provided to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked committee consisting only of Democrat-appointed members.”

The department once described as the official government branch of the Hillary Clinton Fan Club is in on the plot to cover up FBI involvement setting up the barbarian invasion.

“We respectfully refer you to the Select Committee regarding issues of access to records and information.”

An unprecedented step

Not only is the department and the AG running interference, “Pelosi took what she admitted was an ‘unprecedented’ step of refusing the appointments made by Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy” to her partisan railroad job.

She flatly refused “Navy officer and Afghanistan veteran Banks and Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, from participation.”

McCarthy came unglued and issued “a fiery denunciation of Pelosi’s politicization of the committee.” Since that’s the way Pelosi and her pet department of injustice wants to play, so be it.

The ranking Republican “publicly announced Banks would lead Republicans’ investigation despite Pelosi blowing up the committee.” The minority party “retains the rights to the same information that is provided to the majority party.”

Back on September 3, Banks asked alleged FBI Director Christopher Wray “to give Republican lawmakers the same briefing offered to the Democrats on the progress of the agency’s own investigation.” Sorry, the Injustice Department says we can’t, was the reply. The Republicans already know what it says.

If it wasn’t true, there wouldn’t be such a fight over it. “Partial findings of the FBI’s independent investigation were leaked to Reuters in August, which found ‘scant evidence’ the Capitol riot was ‘an organized plot to overturn the president election result.'”


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