Democrats Demand a Plan or At Least a Scapegoat


Democrats are terrified and it shows. The price of antidepressant stocks spiked when Joe Biden’s “three top advisers” arrived a full 13 minutes late for a mid-June interrogation session. The Democrat caucus was there for a briefing on “messaging” about the economy. There wasn’t one. There wasn’t a message that is. Biden’s handlers don’t have a clue, so rank and file liberals are ready to mutiny. “Give us a plan or give us someone to blame,” one House Democrat blurted.

Democrats without a plan

After hearing what the top economic honchos had to say, progressive lawmakers hit the panic button. Leadership has been “vacillating somewhere in between” brainstorming and finger pointing.

Neither method has produced any results and the mid-terms are looking more like a crimson red blood-bath every day. That, Democrats admit, is “not helpful to any of us.” Still, its the best they can do.

The palace propaganda teams are fighting hard to spin that one back at the media. Joe has been pointing the finger of blame all along, right at Vladimir Putin. The only problem with that is we don’t get our gas from Russia.

That one boomeranged back when His Wisdom accused the oil companies of profiteering. It’s Democrats and their green environmental policies to blame for a shortage of refining capacity, big oil shot back.

CNN went around testing the waters by interviewing “more than a dozen senior administration officials, lawmakers and congressional aides over the course of several weeks.

The big answer Democrats have is “we never saw it coming.” Like a cement mixer without brakes. Palace officials have a phrase they like to use, “uncertainties that were very much unknown.” They can’t see any controversy. Everything’s running just fine and dandy.

Unanticipated challenges

Over the last 18 months,” Democrats claim, they were faced with “a range of unanticipated global challenges — from Covid variants to Putin’s war.” We should be thankful to have Joe Biden and his decisive leadership.

Imperial Leader Biden’s “economic strategy has helped drive strong, shared growth and position the US to confront economic challenges from a position of economic strength.” Inflation? Never heard of it.

According to National Economic Council Director Brian Deese, Democrats have nothing to complain about.

All along, Biden’s handlers “approach each challenge with urgency, creativity, and focus, using every tool we can to resolve economic disruptions and mitigate their impact.

Even CNN has started noticing that instead “of managing an economy in the midst of a natural rotation away from recovery and into a stable period of growth, economic officials are analyzing and modeling worst-case scenarios like what the shock of gas prices hitting $200 per barrel may mean for the economy.

Democrats are feeling just as much pain at the pump as Republicans. Soaring prices are leading directly to “teetering poll numbers and congressional majorities that appear to be on the brink.


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