Democrats Called for Violence for an Entire Year, Even Joe Biden Did It


Violence was a focal point for practically the entire year of 2020, as rabid Democrats rioted in the streets, burned everything from car dealerships to police stations and looted high-end merchandise from the fashionable parts of town. Nobody in charge said a word. Even Joe Biden egged on the anarchists. Citizens didn’t feel safe in their own homes and the answer was to “defund” the police. Now, after one seemingly engineered event, the tables have been flipped.

Violence a Democrat monopoly

Democrats, it seems, have total freedom to incite violence. Tom McClintock, house member from California actually dared to mention the savage riots which took place all year long. If law and order was put into action sooner, perhaps there would have been no “invasion” at the Capitol.

“If we had prosecuted BLM and Antifa rioters across the country with the same determination these last six months, this incident may not have happened at all,” he orated from the floor of the House. In the New World Order of things, nobody was paying much attention.

Democrats aren’t about to let “a good crisis go to waste,” Columnist Todd Starnes notes. The riot did occur, right on “Q.”

Now, as Senator Rand Paul points out, “the Capitol looks like a militarized zone, filled with National Guard troops, barbed-wire fences and newly installed metal detectors.” Lawmakers are suddenly afraid of violence. Their colleagues might be packing heat, not to protect them with either.

Mayor Muriel Bowser is hoping that the troops will stick around for a long while because just outside the federal part of the capitol are the residential areas jam packed with Democrats.

Thats a total 180 from where she was last May. That was when “Secret Service agents had to rush President Trump into a bunker for safety during one of the city’s famous ‘peaceful protests’ in honor of George Floyd.” Violence? Oh, goodness no. Those are peaceful bonfires so the protesters can keep warm.

Outlawed as offensive

Words like “property,” “safety,” and “security,” have been outlawed as offensive. They reference terms which have been debunked as nothing more than offensive White privilege and have been canceled, along with that whole “outdated” Constitution thingy.

Violence is something that only deplorable Trump Supporters can be guilty of. Even Joe Biden got away with a threat that he would like to physically assault Donald Trump. As car dealerships went up in flames, Joe Biden praised how “the nation marches for justice.” Justice, to Democrats, is a blazing lot full of used cars.

It was fine for Democrats to throw “bricks and bottles at the White House.” The networks were reporting how peaceful the crowd was as they “surged forward against lines of riot police.”

Now, simply suggesting that the last election wasn’t “free and fair” could get you sent off to FEMA camp. That level of violence proves you are a Trump Supporter and just as guilty as one of the barbarians who actually invaded the Capitol Building.


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