Daring FBI Secret Trump-Trap Revealed


The FBI secretly laid a daring trap for incoming President Donald Trump during the 2016 election cycle. As detailed in a fresh batch of declassified documents, the Obamagate conspirators arranged an intelligence briefing, specifically “as a pretext to gather investigative evidence on the Trump campaign and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn,” Washington Examiner reveals.

The FBI arranged to trap Trump

The Deep State plans of the Federal Bureau of Instigation didn’t go as well as they hoped in 2016. Our new Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, picked up where Richard Grenell left off and just declassified another batch of documents damaging to the coup conspirators. They show how President Trump was supposed to be the victim of a frame up by the FBI.

Agent Joseph Pientka was in charge of “the portion of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation focused on Flynn.” He made it a point not to warn “candidate Trump that the FBI believed the Russian government was attempting to influence his campaign.” Instead, he used a high level security briefing to lay a daring Trump-trap.

On August 30, 2016, Pientka “filed a seven-page electronic communication.” He details exactly what was said in “the briefing he gave to Trump, Flynn, and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at the FBI’s New York Field Office a week earlier.” It was given the approval of Peter Strzok and Kevin Clinesmith. That’s the same Kevin Clinesmith who “falsified a document related to the wiretapping of onetime Trump campaign associate Carter Page.” Clinesmith is now under criminal investigation by John Durham.

If you weren’t a target, you will be

According to his summary of the meeting, Pientka quotes himself telling Trump, Flynn and Christie, “I will provide you with a counterintelligence and security brief that will give you a baseline on the methodology used by Foreign Intelligence Services to the detriment of U.S. National Security.” He also makes sure to spell out, “if you are not already a target of a Foreign Intelligence Service, due to the fact that you are receiving this classified briefing, you will be.” He intentionally did not tell Flynn that he was already a target of the FBI.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz already testified that the FBI briefing was simply a “pretext.” He found evidence that the whole purpose was to “gather evidence on the candidate and his foreign policy adviser to help in their counterintelligence investigation.” It was a Trump-trap, plain and simple. Pientka admits he “actively listened for topics or questions regarding” Russia.

Back in December, Horowitz testified that the bureau “used an intelligence briefing ostensibly about guarding against foreign interference to gather evidence against Trump and Flynn.” He also notes, “Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign got an identical briefing, but hers was not used by the FBI to collect information on the candidate or her team.”

The Democrats were colluding with Russians

That was because they were the ones who actually were colluding with Russians. When it comes to Trump though, Horowitz is convinced, the supervisory special agent “was actually doing the briefing but also using it for the purpose of investigation.”

What Horowitz told the Senate Judiciary Committee about the FBI briefing of Trump is that “they were treated differently in that the agent wrote it up to the file and put the information in the file. The briefings were identical, but one was for investigative purposes, and one was purely for the intelligence briefing.”

It seems that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and FBI General Counsel Jim Baker were also heavily involved in the conspiracy. “We concluded that the FBI’s use of this briefing for investigative reasons could potentially interfere with the expectation of trust and good faith among participants in strategic intelligence briefings, thereby frustrating their purpose.”


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