DA Has a SERIOUS Accusation Made Against Her


According to a recent filing in an El Paso, Texas, court, DA Yvonne Rosales and her lawyer are breaking a gag order by impersonating the family of a Walmart shooting victim. The motion filed by attorney Justin Underwood, who was appointed to represent the Hoffmann family, is asking the judge to investigate the District Attorney for violating an order he signed on July 1. A ruling “that forbids anyone involved with the Walmart shooting case to speak of it.

DA on the wrong side of the law

DA Yvonne Rosales and her “legal counselor” are going to have a tough time coming up with a response to the paperwork Underwood filed Thursday morning, September 29. He represents the Hoffmann family and they’re enraged about a “set of emails first sent to local media on August 4 of this year.

They were purportedly signed by Alexander Hoffmann Valdez. Most importantly, they appeared to “come from the email address of Rosa Maria Valdez Garcia, son and widow of Alexander Gerhard Hoffmann who was killed in the Walmart shooting on August 3, 2019.

Underwood spent a full 10 pages explaining to the judge how “the emails were sent from Mrs. Valdez’s phone” but were actually “composed by Roger Rodriguez, DA Yvonne Rosales’s legal counselor, and his wife Anna Rodriguez.

How the lawyer got his hands on the phone isn’t clear. The motion also indicates that Rosales “was intimidating the family, as well and promising the Hoffmann’s who live in Juarez that they would receive visas and college education in return for cooperating.

The Hoffmann family were coming and going across the border for meetings with Underwood in El Paso using a “Sentri Pass and a laser visa until September 17.” On that date, “officials with the Mexican Investigations Department appeared at the family’s home.

They wanted the family to sign documents that they weren’t allowed to see. The relatives were smart enough not to do it “and recorded a video of the encounter.” The next day, “Mrs. Valdez received an email that her Sentri Pass had been revoked.” The DA might have had something to do with that.

Walmart shooter Patrick Crusius

The case against Walmart shooter Patrick Crusius shouldn’t require Alan Dershowitz to figure out but a string of emails starting August 4 muddies the water. The thread “mentions Amanda Enriquez, former assistant district attorney, who assisted with the initial filings with the Walmart shooting case under former DA Jaime Esparza.

The day before, Enriquez gave an interview. Emails dated August 3 and 4 call Enriquez “unprofessional, inadequate and cold.” They also mention she’s violating the gag order.

Actually, Enriquez isn’t bound by that order so she’s not in trouble. The drama comes in when we learn the responding emails are forgeries. Purportedly signed by the Hoffmann’s on August 5 and 6, emails forged by the lawyer for the DA asked “the media outlets to publish the initial email in full.


Hoffmann-Taus “confirmed that neither her mother nor any other family members had never met Enriquez and that her brother, signed in the emails, was incapable of writing them due to his mental challenges.

The Hoffmans happen to live in Juarez and English wasn’t one of their favorite subjects in school. That’s because they only speak Spanish.

The email that appeared to be sent by Alexander Hoffmann Valdez was written in near-perfect English with an above-average knowledge of legal terms.” That’s because it was written by a lawyer working with the DA.


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