Chicago Gun Violence Goes LIVE ON AIR


Whoever this Chicago gangster is, he’s going to regret his flashy on camera appearance. Pointing a pistol at a news crew is generally considered a no-no. Not that we have laws or anything like that, these days. Thanks to Lori Lightfoot, the city sits smack in the middle of a state of anarchy.

Chicago gangsters do as they please

Everyone in Chicago is carrying a gun, legal or not. A simple trip to the coffee shop requires being armed to the teeth. One local thug decided to intimidate a news crew, to let them know who really runs the city.

He didn’t pull the trigger but everyone on the Fox 32 crew is breathing a heavy sigh of relief they aren’t dead. If he did, nothing could have stopped it.

Police say they are looking for whoever it was but there isn’t a whole lot of hope that the suspect will be found. Even if he does get arrested, his crime wasn’t serious enough to prosecute in Chicago.

The news crew was there to film a segment about the out of control gun violence, when they were subjected to spontaneous, out of control gun violence. Or, at least the threat of it.

That’s simply the way it is in the River North neighborhood. Chicago gang members roam in packs and shoot out their differences of opinion on the streets, regularly. Still, it was a shocking surprise to see such a bold action in broad daylight.

Suddenly slipping up behind reporter Joanie Lum, execution style, he pointed what looks a lot like a handgun dead in the one-eyed lens of the camera, made shooting hand gestures, then cavorted gleefully off down the street.

Skipped off down the street

The happy go lucky assailant was quick on his feet, that’s for sure. Faster than the camera could focus so he gets the benefit of some doubt as to whether the object was actually a gun.

Fuzzy or not, it looks like a gun and was handled like a gun. Whatever item the Chicago hooligan was holding, he waved it in the air “a second time, he then skipped further down the street and out of view.” Probably never to be seen again.

All of this happened about 7 a.m. on Wednesday, May 25, at the corner of Clark and Hubbard. They were there to film a “Good Day Chicago” segment but the day didn’t start off that great for the crew.

Ms. Lum was reporting “on the city’s rise in gun-related crime, where shooting incidents had increased by 66% from 2019 to 2021.” She came real close to becoming an on air statistic.

Instantly, calls started rolling in to the station asking about the safety of the on-scene team. They were quick to assure everyone that both Lum and her photographer were safe. Chicago Police don’t have a single clue, so they’re asking for help from the public.

They want someone who knows him to turn the guy in but aren’t offering any cash for him yet. They will need to advertise a price big enough to get someone who doesn’t like the guy to rat first.


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