CDC’s Deep State Motives Exposed


All the Health Department official spokesman was trying to do was “make sure that there is evidence, scientific data, guiding policy through this pandemic – not Deep State motives in the bowels of the CDC.” Politico rammed Michael Caputo’s good intentions right up his backside, skewering him for daring to expose the left-leaning intentions of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It proves that the far-left is terrified of the truth.

Deep State motives exposed for all to see

Liberal holdouts from Barack Obama’s administration can’t assert nearly as much authority as they used to, not in today’s civil service. They’re furious that the man who once dared to help President Donald Trump get elected is acting as the gate-keeping spokesperson for their beloved Department of Health and Human Services. Michael Caputo actually made them remove left-leaning propaganda from official reports, insisting on honest facts and figures, instead of liberal talking points. They can’t stand a science official who insists on facts being true, so when their motives came under attack, they fought back by attacking his.

Progressive media outlet Politico is absolutely disgusted that Caputo didn’t even try to hide his Trump defending loyalty when he “openly” complained that their needlessly gloomy reports “will undermine the optimistic messages of the president on the epidemic.” He even made them edit out their personal comments and replace them with verified facts. Caputo tried to set the record straight with Politico declaring, “our intention is to make sure that there is evidence, scientific data, guiding policy through this pandemic – not Deep State motives in the bowels of the CDC.”

Shifty Adam Schiff recently got a call from a “Department of Homeland Security whistleblower” who claims he also was “was told to stop making Donald Trump ‘look bad'” after he kept writing reports about non-existent “Russian election interference” involving President Trump, long after it had been totally debunked. If anyone’s motives should be questioned, it’s those of the liberals.

Playing down the baseless fear

Liberals are using Bob Woodward’s new book for ammunition against the president by twisting the words and leaping off cliffs of faulty logic. Woodward casually mentioned the way President Trump wanted to maintain an “optimistic message” about the coronavirus outbreak.” The president explained his motives in detail. “I always wanted to play it down. I always like to minimize it because I don’t want to cause panic.” The president wasn’t downplaying the existence of the virus or the deadly impact it has on humans. He was downplaying the need to be afraid of it. In perspective, as deadly as the Wuhan Flu is, it isn’t all that much more deadly than the ordinary flu we get every year. Not only that, this isn’t a one time thing. Now that the genie is out of the bottle, it will be with us for many years to come. Don’t panic, go back to work, we’ll work on treatments and vaccines.


When Caputo took over control of the official messaging in April, Politico immediately called his motives into question, reporting that “under Caputo’s leadership, the CDC’s weekly Morbidity and Mortality Reports have been the subject of ‘substantial efforts to align with Trump’s statements, including the President’s claims that fears about the epidemic are exaggerated.'” They say that like it’s a bad thing. The FEARS were exaggerated totally out of control and the CDC was doing it on purpose for political reasons.

“Caputo and his team attempted to add caveats to the CDC’s findings,” Politico whined, like adjusting them to correct the liberal errors and omissions. “Including an effort to retroactively amend reports from agencies that they believe wrongly inflated Covid risks.” Now who had the biased motives? Another thing the liberals are screaming about is that Caputo’s team tried to stop a report on the dangers of anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine. So what if it’s dangerous if you abuse it? So is baby aspirin. It hasn’t been tested to see if it works on Covid but reports of people who tried it say it does. It’s not harmful if you follow directions. Malaria patients have been using it for a century.

The thing that really got Politco cheesed off enough to use it as one of their primary motives for a political hit job is that “another politician” separately “accused the CDC of writing ‘hit pieces about the administration’ and trying to ‘hurt the president.'” Caputo rubbed their nose in it by confirming “buried in the good work the CDC puts out are sometimes stories that seem to deliberately mislead and undermine the president’s Covid response with what some scientists call poor scholarship – and others call politics disguised as science.”


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