BUSTED: Man Caught on Video Snatching Ballots From Mailboxes


Authorities are looking for a California man who will be facing some serious federal charges after he was caught on surveillance video snatching ballots from mailboxes in Escondido.

Ballots snatched straight from the mail

Edgy residents are wondering what to do now. At least 24 families had all their mail snatched right from the box, the day their voting materials were due to arrive. California started mailing out their absentee ballots just the day before. Some of the misdirected correspondence was recovered, including a few voting packets. The others will have to wait for replacements. There’s still a lot of collateral damage from non-election mail that’s unaccounted for as well.

David Sprouse was the homeowner who’s spy camera caught the thief furtively yanking ballots and the rest of his mail on Wednesday. All up and down the street in the Summer Creek neighborhood, the story was the same. Just before midnight on Tuesday, the first of the mailings hit the streets. Taking anything from someone’s mailbox is a federal crime.

As Sprouse related to local reporters, “It was a younger looking man.” The criminal, he observes, “happened to come down the sidewalk. He was wearing a ball cap, face mask, gloves. (He) carefully opened up our mailbox and took out all of our mail.” He could have at least put the rest of the mail besides the ballots back, but he took it all. He also emptied the neighbor’s box before heading off on his rounds.

A pile of mail

There wasn’t any break in the case until the next morning when one of the residents found “a pile of mail from houses up and down the street.” Included in the the pile were some ballots. The whole collection was “sitting on a car nearby, apparently discarded by the thief.” It’s not clear if the thief had to abandon them there in a hurry. It’s also not clear if that was all the mail taken. It would be interesting to know if the ones left behind were addressed to democrats. The neighbor was able to return the misdirected mail to the post office to try delivering it again.

Mr. Sprouse didn’t even know that his mail had been stolen until he heard his neighbors talking about it the next morning. That’s when he went back and took a look at his security recording. He noted that it was the first time he’s ever had his mail stolen and he’s been there 10 years. He also noted that it was awfully suspicious that the mail was robbed the same day the ballots were delivered.

One of the biggest things to cause confusion and chaos in this election is the fact that California decided in their infinite wisdom to go ahead and mail ballots to each and every registered voter, whether they are dead, alive, or Canadian. They claim its a way to keep people safe from the coronavirus pandemic but that doesn’t hold water when nobody is socially distancing in the nightly riots, the air is choked to illegal levels of particulates from smoke caused by arson fires and the citizens are terrorizing each other in the streets.



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