Breaking News: President Dead Following Bloody Confrontation


President Idriss Deby Itno died in battle mere hours after being elected to another six-year term as leader of Chad. His son will be filling in. That’s not legal but they hold the guns. Some say the bloody battle Itno fought to the death was with his own generals.

Popular President dead

Between this past November and January, Democrats were screaming bloody murder about an expected snag in the “peaceful transition of power” which never materialized.

Whining liberals have nothing to complain about, but after the way this past election ended, what happened to the President of central African nation Chad on Tuesday should be a wakeup call for every American. This is what’s on the horizon for right here.

The military is doing all the talking. What they say is that “hours” after 68-year-old President Idriss Deby Itno was declared the election winner he was also declared dead. After more than 30 years in control, he was scheduled for six more.

They claim he went to pay a little visit to the front-line troops currently “battling a little-known rebel group.” Official details are sketchy and don’t quite add up. The very first thing the goons with the guns announced is that “Itno’s son will take over instead.”

Independent election observers cry foul but they don’t do it nearly as loud as American Republicans did because they’re all allergic to lead. It’s reported that they quietly “questioned the chain of events leading up to Tuesday’s stunning announcement.”

That was the one which went out on national radio and television saying the new president didn’t last long so they have another one. Ayo Sogunro isn’t afraid to ask questions. He’s a lawyer in Nigeria and fellow at the South Africa-based Center for Human Rights.

A coup and unconstitutional

What’s really going on here is a coup, Sogunro explains. The “law” in Chad says if a leader dies in office then the term “is completed by the National Assembly,” not by family members. “The army seizing power and conferring it on the son of the president is a coup and unconstitutional,” he tweeted out as soon as he heard the news. Constitution? we used to have one of those too.

He’s “calling for the African Union to condemn the transfer of power,” like that’s going to do a whole lot of good in the New World Order of open borders globalism. Murphy’s golden rule… He who has the gold to buy the guns makes the rules.

The official statement says that President “Deby had fought heroically but was wounded in a battle.” They don’t say that it was a battle with his own staff. “He was then taken to the capitol where he died of unspecified wounds.”

Some say, single gunshot to the head. Residents of the capitol aren’t buying it. “The rumors that are going around about the transitional council give me the impression that some information is false,” Thierry Djikoloum speculates.

“They are already talking about dissolving parliament, so for me, I’d say it was a coup d’etat. He was killed,” she declared. “What’s central to us now is that a process of democratic transition can be implemented and the stability of Chad preserved.” They broke free from France in 1960 but still have close ties diplomatically.

“For the rest, French authorities need a bit more time to analyze the situation.” The rebels accused of killing Itno “are believed to have armed and trained in neighbouring Libya before crossing into northern Chad on April 11.” They appear to have been invited by the new leader. “Their arrival came on the same day that Chad’s president sought a sixth term in an election several top opposition candidates boycotted.”


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