Bill Introduced to STOP Biden’s ILLEGAL Abuse of Power


Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fl) and twenty-four Republicans in Congress have introduced a new version of the REINS (Regulations from the Executive In Need of Scrutiny) Act to re-assert Congress’ authority and prevent further illegal executive overreach and abuse of power by the BidenHarris regime. The Senate version of the bill was originally sponsored by Senator Rand Paul two months ago according to Epoch Times.

The House Republicans have written that a major rule or federal regulation that affects the economy in an amount of $100 Million or more, which affects things like consumer costs or raising prices would fall under the REINS act. As the Biden-Harris regime has run hell-bent toward reversing any and all Trump-Era regulations without a thought to the potential consequences, they feel it is necessary to restrain the Whitehouse from causing further harm.

Adam Brandon of FreedomWorks spoke in support of the bill and praised Congresswoman Cammack.

“Advocates of limited and accountable government thank Rep. Cammack for her leadership in introducing the REINS Act. Oversight of the executive branch is one of the most serious ways that Congress must reassert its constitutional authority,” said Adam Brandon, President of FreedomWorks. “Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution vests Congress with the explicit power to ‘make all laws,’ yet over time, Congress has ceded this authority overwhelmingly to a unilaterally-acting executive branch. This only threatens to become a larger problem as President Biden’s regulatory agenda looms over our nation, and leaders in Congress are needed now more than ever to hold unelected bureaucracy accountable.”

According to Congresswoman Cammack’s site the bill’s cosponsors read like a list of Republicans to support in 2022.

Original cosponsors include: House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Rep. Jim Jordan and Reps. Armstrong, Arrington, Babin, Bacon, Balderson, Banks, Barr, Bentz, Bergman, Bice, Biggs, Bilirakis, Bishop, Boebert, Bost, Brady, Buchanan, Buck, Bucshon, Budd, Burchett, Burgess, Carl, Carter, Cawthorn, Chabot, Cline, Cloud, Clyde, Crenshaw, Davidson, Davis, Donalds, Duncan, Dunn, Emmer, Fallon, Feenstra, Fischbach, Fulcher, Gaetz, Garbarino, Gibbs, Gimenez, Gooden, Graves, Greene, Hagedorn, Harshbarger, Hern, Herrell, Hinson, Hudson, Issa, Jackson, M. Johnson, D. Johnson, Joyce, T. Kelly, LaMalfa, Lamborn, LaTurner, Lesko, Lucas, Mace, Mann, Massie, Mast, McClain, McClintock, McKinley, McMorris Rodgers, Miller, Miller-Meeks, Mooney, Barry Moore, Murphy, Nehls, Newhouse, Norman, Owens, Palmer, Perry, Pfluger, Posey, Reschenthaler, Rogers, Rosendale, Rouzer, Roy, Rutherford, Scott, Adrian Smith, Smucker, Spartz, Steel, Steube, Taylor, Tenney, Thompson, Tiffany, Van Drew, Van Duyne, Walberg, Walorski, Weber, Williams, Wilson, and Wittman, Young.

An Effort In Futility to Stop The Abuse? Never.

While the odds of this bill going anywhere in Nancy Pelosi’s petty kingdom that was once called the “Peoples House” are non-existent. And even the even-split Senate has little chance of passing it, it is crucial for the Republicans as the minority party to put efforts like this into the record, showing that they and the American people, do not agree and do not consent to the continued wanton, illegal abuse of Biden and Harris.


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