Biden Refuses to Let Go of The Order


Joe Biden already admitted that the pandemic is over but the state of emergency will stick around indefinitely, at least until spring. COVID-19 may be gone but RSV is ramping up so the globalists are using it as an excuse to keep the Constitution suspended a while longer.

Emergency orders with no good cause

Imperial Leader Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. isn’t about to let go of his beloved state of emergency. His Wisdom’s entire reign has been one crisis after another, why not make it official? In order to keep the authority he usurped through palace decree, the propaganda ministry announced the COVID-19 declaration will remain in effect.

Definitely through January, probably until spring and possibly forever. If, that is, they can get away with it. Walmart has been rumored to be considering a buy a pitchfork, get a torch free promotion.

A new report, issued Friday, November 11, states that “COVID-19’s status as a health emergency” will extend as long as they can stretch it out, despite Joe “previously stating the pandemic is over.” He was “high on rocky road at the time,” Karine Jean-Pierre insists.

Without any real reason to extend the constitutional suspension of rights, they use a flimsy excuse for keeping Americans down.

The extension comes amid fears of a resurgence of cases this winter when people spend more time indoors.” Those who already got it have natural immunity but the CDC stopped believing in that along with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

Most of the country has had all the vaccine shots and signed up for the “booster of the month” club. Why then, is there such worry about “a ‘tripledemic‘ of COVID, the flu, and the respiratory syncytial virus, or R.S.V.?” Because it’s not really a health emergency.

Renew the order anyway

Without making a fuss or actually telling anybody, last month, the Department of Health and Human Services “renewed the order through January 11 and told states they would get 60 days’ notice before the public-health emergency is lifted.

Wall Street Journal was quick to point out that “the lack of notice to states means the public-health emergency may extend until the spring.

After word leaked out, it was officially confirmed by Sarah Lovenheim, assistant secretary for public affairs at HHS.

Keeping the emergency going, she notes, “offers some benefits including the suspension of eligibility renewals for people on Medicaid – making it easier to stay on the federal program – and for controlled substances to be prescribed via telehealth.” It also takes away your constitutional rights and protections but they don’t tell you that.

We’re still averaging 289,000 new COVID cases a week, despite heavy propaganda to get jabbed, and that unrecognized natural immunity. It keeps the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in business. While the emergency rages on, you can forget about those free test kits, indicating they really aren’t concerned about COVID.

In August, the administration stopped sending out free tests, citing the lack of federal funding.” They decided to spend $22.4 billion “to develop more durable vaccines.” Ones which, like the last ones, might or might not really work. The only disease they want to conquer once and for all is “Nationalism.



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