Biden Pressure Behind Canada’s Freedom Convoy Crackdown


The global interests who pull Joe Biden’s puppet strings were so terrified of January’s Freedom Convoy in Canada that they took drastic measures to stomp it out. The powers that be decided to let Pete Buttigieg be the point of contact with Ottawa, hoping some limp-wrist extortion tactics would convince rainbow sock wearing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau he was being given an “offer he couldn’t refuse.” Pete doesn’t have enough of that “I’ll leave a horse’s head in your bed” vibe to pull it off. It took a call from Godfather Joe, personally, to close the deal.

Cripple that convoy, NOW!

In January, truckers were blockading parts of the border with United States. It’s no surprise that Canada pulled out all the heavy artillery against their patriotic “Freedom Convoy” freight haulers. The patriotic truckers in America had all been previously neutralized through FBI infiltration but their Canadian counterparts were stirring them up again.

One patriotic convoy of truckers was sure to lead to another. Since they had so much in common to start with, the Deep State gave Transportation Minister Pete Buttigieg orders to convince Trudeau to get with with the WEF program.

After all, 2030 is almost here and the Canadian leader is a well known “protege” of Klaus Schwab. Canadian patriots hadn’t been properly cowed into submission because Canada doesn’t have nearly the level of suppressive law enforcement apparatus as the FBI brings to bear. That needed to change and change fast.

After Pete had Trudeau softened up, Joe Biden squeezed our northern neighbor by the family jewels and squeezed hard. Biden practically demanded Ottawa issue the orders seizing bank accounts and big-rigs. There was even a general ban on travel to protest sites.

The Freedom Convoy had to be stopped. Not only that, stopped so hard it would send a message to everyone else not to dare standing up to New World Order authority. Those pesky American nationalists might start trying to get their “Constitution” back in force again, or something.

Frantic phone calls with Ottawa

As New York Post reports, a “public inquiry into the Canadian government’s decision to use emergency powers to clear the ‘Freedom Convoy’ protesters revealed on Thursday that frantic phone calls were placed by Washington to Ottawa in an effort to open up choked-off supply lines.

As evidenced by an email sent by Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland to her staff on February 10, “they are very, very, very worried.” She had just been on the phone with House National Economic Council Director Brian Deese. “If this is not sorted out in the next 12 hours, all of their northeastern car plants will shut down.

While Deese was having a meltdown at Freeland, “Pete Buttigieg phoned his Canadian counterpart, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra.” The report notes, “Buttigieg pressed Alghabra about Canada’s ‘plan to resolve‘ the protests.” Alghabra took special notice because “Buttigieg initiated the call,” and also because “the interaction was unusual.

Brian Clow also got an earful about the convoy activities. Trudeau’s deputy chief of staff heard from one palace flunky after another “including National Security Council director Juan Gonzalez, who wanted to connect Canadian national security officials with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.”

The thing which finally broke the state of emergency proclamation loose was a phone call between Imperial Leader Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on February 11. That’s when Justin promised “that Ottawa had a plan to end the blockades.”

The Freedom Convoy was prompting rumors that U.S. versions were “threatening to disrupt the Super Bowl in Los Angeles and streets in Washington.” Those predictions must have come from the National Weather Service because none of their dire forecasts came to pass. What did happen was a “never-before-used Canadian law” which “gave the government the power to freeze bank accounts of protesters, ban travel to protest sites, and force trucks to tow vehicles blocking streets.


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